7 Interactive Gender Reveal Party Ideas

7 Interactive Gender Reveal Party Ideas

One of the most fun baby shower ideas is having a gender reveal. But the last thing you want to do is bore your guests, so the simple solution comes in the form of an interactive gender reveal! When everyone present gets to take part in the shenanigans, it makes the final reveal that much more exciting. Now, here are 7 creative ideas to help you plan the perfect gender reveal party:

1. Scavenger Hunt

This idea yields to many more, because holidays can always give your party the overarching theme it needs. For example, you can do a gender-themed Easter egg hunt with blue and pink eggs, and one has the answer inside. Some might like to have a pirate themed party where everyone is on a treasure hunt, and x marks the spot of a blue or pink-decorated treasure chest at the end. Will it be a lad or a lassie? Only the chest at the end of the hunt will tell!

2. Voting Station

This election season has everyone in a tizzy, but you can steer the conversation clear of politics with a party that helps voters focus on your future bundle of joy. Buy a chalkboard from a home goods store (you can also use chalkboard paint on a flat surface). Make sure you have blue and pink chalk, and let everyone at the party vote their guesses. When it’s time to reveal the baby’s sex, give the correct guessers a gender-themed prize, such as pink or blue candy. Of course, everyone should get some sort of gender-related party favor, too.

3. Piñata

If you know that your party will have plenty of young children present, this is the perfect activity. Keep kids occupied while letting them participate in the gender reveal with a classic piñata. Only this time, the piñata will have completely pink or all-blue candy inside! Think of the anticipation and excitement you can create among your guests as the piñata begins to rip—and you get a glimpse of the revealing color. You can even request special piñata shapes, such as a bow or a tie. And speaking of bows and ties…

4. Pin the Bow or Tie on the Ultrasound

First, you’ll need several medium (5x7 is best) prints of an ultrasound. The ultrasound shot shouldn’t reveal the baby’s gender, so a profile shot is usually best. Arrange a basket full of pink bows and blue neckties for guests to choose from. Then, blindfold them and have them try to pin the bow or tie onto their ultrasound print. When you’re ready to reveal the gender, unveil the complete shot of your baby’s ultrasound.

5. Team Baby Boy vs. Baby Girl

This might not work for every party (some people can get scary competitive) but if you trust your invitees to keep a cool head, create gender teams and have some contests! You can provide blue and pink accessories to differentiate teams, such as:

As soon as you’ve picked teams, play the field with ultimate Frisbee, egg racing, a water balloon toss, or a boy/girl outfit relay race. At the end of the gender reveal Olympics, have the guests sit down and enjoy receiving trophies that are—you guessed it—blue or pink based on the gender of your baby.

6. Smoke Bombs 

Make sure that this one is done with plenty of adult supervision as needed. Buy a bunch of smoke bombs in the given color, but paint the outsides black so no one knows the truth beforehand. Once everyone has their smoke bomb, use a large candle to light several at once, and then encourage crazy dancing around the yard. Soon you’ll have streams of pink or blue smoke to let everyone know whether it’s a girl or boy!

7. Food Fillings

The possibilities are endless when you consider different foods and their respective fillings. Deviled eggs, cake, or cake pops are all good ideas. If you want the sex of your baby to be saved for the very end, have one cake pop with the appropriate color, and wait for the lucky guest to shout their discovery. A good way to distribute the food randomly is with a lottery; you can use lottery tickets or some other form of random drawing. The above ideas are all great, but don’t feel restricted to just these activities. Feel free to mix and match to create your own unique gender reveal activity. No matter which idea you go with, you’ll be sharing the exciting news with friends and family, alike.
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