7 Reasons Backpack Diaper Bags Make Life Better

7 Reasons Backpack Diaper Bags Make Life Better

Us moms are all about items that make life easier. And easier doesn’t always mean better, but most of the time easier means better. One of those items is a backpack diaper bag. Plain in simple, they make life easier and better. Now, you should probably know that I don’t currently own one of these. One has been on my wish list for months now but I’m starting to think it may just need to wait until I have another baby…far far down the road. It makes me sad because it is so far down the road, but not sad enough to go and get myself pregnant!

 Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack - Dusty Rose

Anyway, now that it’s out in the open that I don’t have a backpack diaper bag I can move on with no guilt that I am making these up as I go. BUT I am pretty educated, and I’ve done some brief research, and I can usually tell a good thing when I see it. Now on to my listicle of why backpack diaper bags make life better. And easier.

 Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack - Glazed - Graphite/Black

1. Hands Free

This is pretty darn obvious. When the backpack is secured on your back both of your hands are free. Heck, both of your arms are free! And there’s no need to worry about bending over to grab something and having the strap slip off your shoulder. So very super duper convenient.

2. Equal Weight Distribution

There’s no way that I’m the only one who occasionally overstuffs my diaper bag and ends up with a very tired shoulder from carrying all of the weight in one spot. Backpacks can obviously be worn with just one shoulder, but chances are you likely have both straps on and therefore the weight is more evenly distributed across your body.

3. Cute and Trendy

For real though, does it get any cuter than a cute mom and her cute kids and her cute backpack diaper bag? These are incredibly popular right now, and for good reason! And I feel like trendy has kind of a negative connotation to it. In no way do I mean this in a negative way.

4. Not Easily Accessible to Kids

A common thing with backpack diaper bags is that they are more likely to be closed than a normal diaper bag. This means that when it is set down it is less tempting for little kiddos and when it is being worn it is too high for grabby hands!

5. Husbands More Willing to Wear

There’s something really cute about a daddy carrying a diaper bag. Mostly because there’s always some degree of embarrassment on their end when they’re doing so! Okay, maybe not. But you definitely don’t see dads carrying diaper bags long-term. Backpacks, on the other hand, have a higher likelihood of being worn longer by men. That’s not an official statistic; so don’t quote me on it. But don’t you kind of agree?

6. Longer Lifespan

I take it back. I don’t want to use the word lifespan here because that makes it sound too much like it is more durable than other diaper bags. Which actually could very well be true because they probably aren’t set down as much since they aren’t falling off or weighing down one shoulder a whole ton… So maybe I don’t take it back!

7. Longer Lifespan (Part 2)

Okay so what I also mean by this confusing phrase is that the lifetime of use for these type of diaper bags is longer. When I’m done with the baby stage you wont see me with my diaper bag often, if at all. But those with backpack diaper bags will likely use them longer. Past the baby/diapering stages!

 Freshly Picked Diaper Bag - Ebony

I’m sure if I owned one of these I could come up with more reasons of why these are basically the best, but for now those 7 will have to do! We live in a world with pretty cool advancements when it comes to momhood: remote controls, dishwashers, roombas, self swaddling swaddle blankets, dry shampoo, voice command, flossers, video monitors, and on and on. So why not amp up our diaper bags to match the rest of our day? I think I’m officially adding these to the list of Advancements to Motherhood* and I am not taking it off of my wish list until I own one for myself! 

*This is not an official list. Though I like the ring to it, maybe I’ll write an entire blog post about Advancements to Motherhood another time! Stay tuned.
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