7 Swaddle Uses We Bet You Didn't Know

7 Swaddle Uses We Bet You Didn't Know

When you're in a pinch there is nothing better to have on hand then a swaddle blanket! Everyone loves a double-duty baby product, and swaddle blankets are definitely not just for wrapping up your little ones. There are a bunch of creative uses that make having a baby swaddle an essential for any diaper bag.

**Keep in mind that these uses are for large, muslin swaddles like Little Unicorn or Aden + Anais. Stretchier swaddles are usually smaller and do not allow for multiple uses**

1. Use the swaddle as a bib while traveling.

Fold in half and tie the two corners around babe's neck. This gives you max coverage to protect their clothes, and makes it so much easier to clean up food and crumbs if your in the car or the stroller.

2. Doubles as a car seat cover!

If you're headed out while babe is asleep and you don't want to take them out of the carrier, go ahead and drape the swaddle blanket over it, or you could tie two of the corners and stretch it over the handle for a tighter fit!

3. Use your swaddle as a nursing cover, and to help wrap up your little one while they breastfeed.

You can tie the swaddle wrap around your neck and over one shoulder, slide baby in and let them nurse while staying covered up.

4. Another popular go-to is the burp cloth!

If your babe has had a tough day and you've already run out of clean burp cloths, a soft swaddle blanket is the next best thing!

5. Replacement shirt

If your babe has gotten dirty and needs a replacement top go ahead and make a cute little toga for them out of your best swaddle blankets! It'll get the job done when you need it, and saves you from the awkward looks of having a baby in only a diaper and shoes.

6. You can also use a swaddler as a window covering for road trips.

When you see that babe's cheeks are starting to get a little rosy in the back seat, you can either tuck it into the open window and close it, or tie it to the hand rail for some much needed shade. Plus, since they're nice and light they won't thump too much against your car!

7. Bonus Tip for Mama!

For the mamas out there looking for a little more coverage on a pool day, use your babe's cutest swaddle blanket as a quick wrap!

Using an every day baby swaddler in different ways helps to make our lives a little easier! You can see the appeal of making an investment in the best swaddle blankets so you can always have them on hand. Get creative, have fun and see what you can do with your baby's swaddlers! XO

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