A Gift Guide for Your 1-Year-Old Boy or Girl

A Gift Guide for Your 1-Year-Old Boy or Girl

Do you ever find yourself stumped as to what to get your baby for their first birthday? Even in a world of endless toys, you still have no idea of what gift to get. You want to make sure it's a hit, right? I mean, they're a 1-year-old so how can they tell you what they like? How do you go about finding the perfect gift? Well, we're here to save you from the arduous task of walking endless aisles thorough multiple store by sharing with you our list of fifteen favorite toys your 1-year-old is sure to love!

1. Saranoni Blanket

I'll say this a million times: Saranoni truly has the softest blankets. We have 7 total in our house, and each of our kids have their own! My 1-year-old has two and he can't sleep without them. They are not only high quality but incredibly soft, fluffy, and something your little one will love cuddling with!

We love the Receiving Bamboni BlanketReceiving Dream Blanket, or Receiving Lush Blanket!

Saranoni Blanket

2. Doona Liki Trike

We recently got for one of these for my 1-year-old and he loves it! Strollers are what we all have and are easy to use, but trust me when I say that your child will love taking a stroll in the Liki Trike! While they're still little, you can control the trike, and as they grow they can become more independent. They'll love learning how to ride a bike at a young age and also the extra fun that comes with a stroll in the Liki Trike.

The Liki Trike is available in three models: the Liki Trike S3, the Liki Trike S5, and the Special Edition Liki Trike in Gold and Midnight.

Doona liki

3. Plan Toys Happy Puppy

This little fella is truly a must have item for your 1-year-old. You probably already knew your little adventurer loves grabbing anything they can, and they'll keep hold of it! Happy Puppy provides hours of fun since they can take their little puppy everywhere they go as they pull it along! This little animal toy will also last you a long time thanks to its solid wooden body and wheels, but it also has the softest little ears, making it a perfect texture for your little one.

happy puppy

4. Toysmith GO! Pro Ball Set 

If there's one thing kids love, it is a ball! Balls are endlessly fun for little kids who want to hold and throw them! This ball set from Toysmith comes in a pack of three. The balls are very soft and great for their age. This is not only a great way for them to play, but it can also teach them motor skills like rolling, and can even teach them about sharing. It's the perfect gift for your little athlete!

Toysmith Go Pro Ball Set

5. Gathre Arc Playset

Our kids love climbing all over us--we are truly human jungle gym to them sometimes! So why not invest in a playset that they can climb all over, stack in different shapes, and have a ton of fun on?! This Arc Playset from Gathre can be perfect for any age, really, but as your little one is learning how to sit up, crawl, and walk, it will provide inspiration, motivation, and education to their growing bodies. Also can I say that these are super soft and are amazing for getting your kiddo's wiggles out?

gathre arc playset

6. Plush Animal

You can never go wrong with a plushie for your child's first birthday gift. There are so many positives that come from a child having a plushie, and I think most of us can say that we all remember (or even still have) our favorite stuffed animal. So think about your child's favorite animals so far, or even what animal or stuffy you think of when you look at your child's nursery tones or theme. There are so many options, but no matter what they will be the perfect cuddly soft item your infant/toddler will love!

Some of our favorites are from Jellycat, Cuddle + Kind, and Maileg


7. Boon Building Pipes Bath Toy 

Isn't bath time such a fun time for your child? My 1-year-old looks forward to it every time and loves playing in the water. I may be drenched by the end but it's still such a blast for them! That is why these building pipes bath toys from Boon are a bath time must-have! Boon Pipes will easily stick to your bath wall, are bright, encourage experimental engineering, and create several fascinating water chains! I have loved watching my kids be entertained with those as they always love helping fill it with water and trying to catch the water as well!pipes8. Fat Brain Wimzle Sensory Toy

Our growing babies love anything sensory. Sensory toys help their minds develop, and the Wimzle Sensory by Fath Brain Toys is full of spinning, textured, squishy features that your little one's hands will love to explore with every twist and turn! This toy is a definite must-have to help refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.

wimzle sensory toy9. Dena Silicone Stacking Sun

This silicone stacking sun from Dena is an all-in-one toy. Not only is it safe, with no small parts or harmful chemicals (unlike so many other toys), but it also can be used as a teether, stacking toy, sensory stimulation toy, or puzzle. This fun toy sun will truly grow with them and will make for the best play time.

Dena Stacking Sun

10. Fat Brain Toys Whirly Squigz

I just got this one for my 1-year-old and let me tell you this is a hit! I originally thought this was a trendy toy with older kids, but it turns out it's also the perfect source of entertainment for a 1-year-old! You can suction the whirly spinners to just about any surface. My personal favorite is to our windows, so my kiddo can play with it while I am cooking or doing something that requires him to stay entertained without me. Whirly Squigz are also a great toy for teething! I cannot fully express how much I personally love this one! It will be a blast for your child, guaranteed!

whirly spinners

11. Mushie Stacking Cups

What's more fun than stacking cups? Knocking them down of course! Not only are Mushie's Stacking Cups fun to full up and stack, but they're also great for teaching organization and motor skills. When my kids were young toddlers, they also loved putting little things like balls or toys in stacking cups. It's a toy that any 1-year-old will love!

mushie stacking cups

12. Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain

This is another stacking toy that your child will love. Your child's little hands will love exploring the shapes, colors, and spinning motion this fun toy brings! You can stack them in any order and still get the same fun spinning motion.

spin again toy

13. Chronicle Books TouchThinkLearn ABC Book

We all love a good book, but we especially love ones that will help our children learn! This educational book from Chronicle Books will be one that your child will love looking at and learning from again and again. With raised die-cut pieces nestled in mirroring indented cut-outs, each page will engage your child on both a visual and tactile level. It's a perfect gift for your baby.

book 1 year old

14. Boon FLEET Stacking Boats

Another bath toy my kids have always loved are these stacking boats from Boon. Not only are they brightly colored, but they also satisfy every child's insatiable desire to pour water on everything! They also have drain holes creating a rain effect that will definitely have your child's stamp of approval. Here's to a guaranteed fun bath time!

Boon FLEET Stacking Boats

15. Fat Brain Toys Oombee Cube

This innovative and unique approach to shape sorting will bring never-ending fun for your little one! With bright colors, textured features, and shape knowledge, your child will be sorting these fun shapes in no time! Also another great toy for teething and your days of losing pieces will be over, which HELLO, WHAT A WIN! Such a great gift for all these reasons.

sorting cube

Now you're all set for your 1-year-old's gift! Stay tuned as we share more gift guides for everyone in the family!


Valentina Riches 

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