A Modern Spin on the Old Dress with Henry Mack

A Modern Spin on the Old Dress with Henry Mack

You know when you have a TON of housework AND errands to do but you don't want to look crappy for your errands so you do all of the housework first, get ready, and then realize you're too exhausted to run your errands? Yeah. Me, too. Like everyday. The struggle is real, people. The struggle is real. So, what is the solution?! Anyone? Someone? Oh.

Seriously, the comfiest thing you will have ever worn.

Why helllllllloooooo Henry Mack dresses...I didn't see you there. You look nice and comfy. And stylish. And fun. Done.

SO soft and SO stylish at the same time. Definitely the opposite of heels.

Literally, Henry Mack House dresses are probably some of the most comfortable things I have ever worn on this planet. Pair with some stylish shoes, boots, or leggings to dress them up a little bit - or just lounge around the house looking and feeling *simply* delightful. My other favorite thing about this dress? It's flowy enough that you will be able to wear it during a pregnancy! Yay for clothes that do double time! I loved having just a few old favorites that I could still throw on when I was pregnant so I didn't feel like my body was completely changing. It actually helped a TON. Henry Mack was actually created by two amazing women, Kara and Mary, who wanted to find something comfortable and stylish to wear during the day for themselves! They are pretty amazing moms and know exactly where you are coming from! You'll be able to find these beauties in either our Lindon, UT baby store or at thebabycubby.com. You won't need to look any further for something as cozy as Henry Mack. Especially with their new sweatshirt material dresses. You. Will. Die. For. One. No joke. Stay warm my fellow superheros! Michelle

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