A Natural Solution to Nausea with Psi Bands

A Natural Solution to Nausea with Psi Bands

If you are like me, you are constantly nauseous while pregnant. Or while on a boat. Or long car rides. Basically, everywhere that could upset your stomach. But who wants to take medicine that will make you drowsy (or have other nasty side effects)? I sure don't, especially with my little running around! So, what alternative options do you have? One option that I adore is Psi Bands! These awesome little wrist bands are the perfect non-drug solution to all of our problems, friends :) As well, you can feel good about buying these because of all of the giving back that Psi Bands does! They give back to cancer charities in their area, donate to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund, and have a blog with business tips for small businesses working to get into large retailers! Their work is absolutely amazing and they are a one-of-a-kind company.

How do they work?

Psi Bands use acupressure points on your wrists to help with nausea. These points are called the Nei-kuen acupressure points. They are located on your wrists and depending on the pressure applied can alleviate some, if not all, of your nausea! Psi bands are FDA cleared and have even been used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to help minimize the effects of their treatments. Below is a video showing exactly how the band applies pressure!

Psi Bands are unique in a few ways: they have fun colors, are reusable, and are FDA cleared. The mother that created Psi Bands, Romy Taormina, experienced a lot of nausea herself while pregnant and was frustrated to find no natural solutions as anti-nausea medications can often have drastic side-effects. She was also unable to find anything that she really wanted to wear - it seemed there were only drab solutions available. So Psi Bands were born! Stylish, washable, reusable, and all natural. What more could you ask for?

Do I Have to Wear Both Bands?

The answer is yes! Psi Bands come in packs of 2 and have been tested by the FDA for use on both wrists at the same time. The testing has demonstrated that the use of Psi bands can reduce nausea for up to 48 hours! Most people will just wear the bands during the day and then take them off at night, however you are able to keep them on 24/7 for up to 48 hours if preferred.

Are There Any Warning for Psi Bands?

There are three main warnings:
  • If you experience any prolonged redness, itching, or swelling from the button stop use immediately and contact your doctor if you show no signs of improvement.

  • You must contact your doctor prior to use  if you have poor circulation.

  • The effectiveness of Psi Bands depends upon the patient and their own personal response to acupressure points.

Can My Child Wear a Psi Band?

Currently Psi Bands has not tested the effectiveness of the bands on children. So, you are welcome to try it on them but just be aware that they have not been able to assess the effectiveness or if there are any side-effects.

Will Psi Bands Fit Me?

Psi Bands are sized for wrists up to 7.5" in circumference. That's a pretty large wrist!

If you are looking for an all natural solution to your morning sickness, motion sickness, and a multitude of other plagues then hurry and take a look at Psi Bands! They just may be your saving grace.

Available in our Lindon, UT baby store as well as online at babycubby.com! Available in the following colors:

Fun and stylish Color Play Psi Bands   

Discreet and sporty, the Crystal Clear Psi Bands  

Black, classy, and sporty. Wear these Racer Black Psi Bands  

Any girl will love these fun Cherry Blossom Psi Bands

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