A Simple Solution to Keep Your Kiddos Nice This Season

A Simple Solution to Keep Your Kiddos Nice This Season

LADIES. Can we be real for a second and all admit that sometimes the holiday can get rough? The kids are overtired, over-sugared, and over stimulated. Their little brains just do not know how to cope with all of the excitement going on around them and they are literally FREAKING OUT. But luckily you are super mom and you have a plan to encourage and cement their good behavior! Obviously this trick will only work if your kiddos still believe in Santa...so keep that magic going for as long as possible.

Ok, so the solution is quite simple: naughty & nice report cards that the "elves" give to the children when they catch them doing something good or bad! Here are your very simple steps: 
  1. Download and print off the pack of cards here
  2. Catch your child doing something nice! 
  3. Write it down and stick it somewhere they'll see the card. 
  4. Let the magic happen! 
We want to make sure that we caution you on one thing though: when you write something naughty that your child is doing on paper, it can solidify it and actually cause more poor behavior as your child learns to label themselves in a negative way. This is called negative reinforcement and is a very poor parenting practice indeed! However, when you catch your kids doing something nice and write it down, it can help them form positive labels for themselves and actually encourage them to continue doing nice things! So, we definitely recommend that when using these go heavy on the nice and light on the naughty (if any naughty at all, truly). 

Hopefully this gives you a fun little way to keep your kids in check so that you can keep on encouraging that good behavior! We know that the holidays can have us all at the end of our ropes, but it's important to remember that our children are likely at the end of theirs, too!

Happy holidays!

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