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A Merry Time with Maileg

As the holidays fast approach, I am once again scouring stores for the best gifts for my kids. Toys that will inspire my kids imagination and keep them engaged are a must for my list. Like most parents though, the search for open-ended toys that will last for years to come is not always an easy task. 

Luckily for me (and you) Maileg toys are exactly what I am looking for! My two-year-old is getting the sweetest dollhouse for Christmas, and the Maileg mouse dolls and doll accessories will be the perfect addition!

Their vintage-inspired mouse dolls and micro toys are sweet and imaginative. With endless combinations, I'm so excited to see what little stories and scenes my little girl will create with them. 

Happy Camper Tent

Will her big sister princess mouse be a beach lover or a camper? Will mom and dad mouse be lovers of fine cheeses or fine dessertsGrandma and Grandpa Mouse can even join the fun! With so many accessory options-- kitchens, cars, beach buckets and doll dress-up--the sky is the limit with what little ones can image with their dolls!

I love toys that make my kids create and imagine, and Maileg mouse dolls and doll accessories do just that! I'm so excited for Christmas and for my girls to gush over these adorable dolls and spend their days is a mouse-filled dreamland!  

You can check out all the Maileg toys, including their mouse dolls and doll accesories in stores or online at The Baby Cubby!

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