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Who We Are - All About The Baby Cubby

Who We Are - All About The Baby Cubby
Who We Are
As parents of 3 girls and (and a boy on the way) my wife and I know what its like to walk into a baby store or shop online and instantly feel confused and overwhelmed by the huge selection of products available.  We wanted to create a different type of shopping experience for parents, one where parents can come and leave feeling refreshed and excited about being a parent, not scared, overwhelmed, or discouraged.
That is who The Baby Cubby is, we are parents committed to creating a different type of shopping experience for moms and dads, both in store and online.  From our outdoor stroller track, in-store massage chair, researched "Cubby Pick" products, or in-store iPads, everything we do is focused on helping you truly find the best for your baby.  Our mission is to create innovative, convenient, and fun shopping experiences for families while providing the best baby gear.   Below are just a few of the things we do differently.
Product Research & Cubby Pick Products
Our experienced mom team spends hundreds of hours researching and testing baby gear to find the highest rated and reviewed products.  Once we do we identify them with our "Cubby Pick" seal to help you find the safest and most reliable products for your little ones.  Check out all of our Best Baby Gear Cubby Picks
Stroller Track
Strollers are a big investment and parents want to test them before they buy them.  We have installed an outdoor stroller track so parents can test strollers before buying them.  Parents can take the strollers over gravel, grass, pavers, curbs, & speed bumps (speed bumps coming soon)
Pop-up Shops
We love to support local moms and families who have handmade shops.  We regularly feature and rotate new vendors and products in our pop-up shop.
Find more about who The Baby Cubby is by visiting Our Story page on our website.
We wish you all the best in your exciting journey as a parent,
Cameron & Jacquelyn Muir
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