Adventure Mom: Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Family Camping Trip

Adventure Mom: Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Family Camping Trip

Do you want to take your family on an epic adventure, but have no idea where? This common question is where all of us newbies start out at one time or another. But the secret's out! It turns out that America is pretty darn awesome and has endless locations for your family camping trip. Let me help you find a starting point!

What Are Your Goals For Your Trip? Think about what you have in mind for your family camping trip. Do your daydreams involve relaxing, fishing pole in hand, sunshine on your face? Or does it include scaling mountains, learning something new and putting those fight or flight senses to good use? Making these dreams a reality depends a lot on your location, so choosing the right place to pop your tent is important. Obviously, if you want to fish, you need water. The same sort of thinking goes for every other adventure you might want to explore. If there's a mountain you want to climb, camp near it or on it. If you are looking for a family-friendly location, with loads of activities, then you will need to choose a location geared towards families.  
   Because this post is geared toward families especially, I want to provide resources that can help you find your perfect family camping location. KOA: KOA campsites are well known and generally, extremely family friendly. Most of their campsites have staff-led activities and are located near popular adventure attractions. Some of their campsites even have small cabins to rent. If you want to take your children camping, and want an all inclusive feel, then KOA is your perfect campground. Camp JellyStone: Yes, you read that right. There is, in fact, a place to take your Yogi Bear loving family to enjoy some outdoor fun! Camp JellyStone's typically have a lot of luxuries that most campsites do not (i.e. water activities, general store, character appearances, etc). Definitely keep this in mind if you have young children and want to keep your activities centered at the campground! Go Camping America: This is a fantastic resource to use especially if you are considering camping in a different state than you reside in. Go Camping America can be used to find tent and RV spots, as well as, State and National Park campgrounds. State Resources: Using your state's online resources is going to be extremely helpful during your search. Typically, each state is equipped with a pool of data giving information on campgrounds, hiking trails, regulations and permit information. Use this! It is the best way to stay up to date on current conditions, possible closures and up-to-date contact information. Word Of Mouth: Probably the BEST way to find the campground of your dreams is by word of mouth. Talk to your friends and family members about where they have enjoyed family camping trips and do some research! Some of the best "hidden gem" campgrounds may not have up to date info on their website and the only way you will know about them is by talking to people who have been there!

Given the amount of resources you have at your disposal, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in a campground! This is one of the last steps before you head out on your great, family adventure, and it only gets better from here!

Featured Image PC: Hanna Viellehner Written by Lindsay Helm
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My wife and I have been thinking about going camping with my family, and we wanted to find the right place to do it. I really like that you say to consider the activities that you want to accomplish on the trip, such as fishing! It would be nice to know that you are going to get the right area for the right activities.

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