Adventure Mom: Exciting Activities For Your Family Camping Trip

Adventure Mom: Exciting Activities For Your Family Camping Trip

As a mom, one of my worst family camping trip fears is hearing the dreaded words, "I'm so BORED!" spew from my child's mouth. I mean, after all that planning, organizing, gear buying and energy expended, parents want their kids to have the time of their lives while they lovingly try to instill the spirit of adventure into them. This alone takes some thought and planning! Unless you are staying at an all inclusive campground that has an activity director on staff, you will need to plan your activities. Lucky for you, I have some awesome, family-friendly activities to share!

Slacklining: This challenging sport is popular among children and can offer hours of entertainment! Slacklining is like tight rope walking, but with a special nylon webbing, tightly strung between two trees. The slackline can also be height adjusted depending on your comfort level. Check out your local pro shop or outdoor store and ask if they have slackline rentals available so you can try it before purchasing it. Cards: Playing a game of cards is a must while camping! Cards can be played anywhere, any time, rain or shine. This is a staple in my activity book! Fishing: If you are camping near a body of water, bring your fishing poles! Before you cast your line, ask the camp host where you can get your fishing license. It is super easy to purchase one just for the weekend! Bike Riding: Riding bikes is a fantastic way to explore the campground and surrounding area without too much planning or effort. Bigger campgrounds may have bike rentals, otherwise you may want to consider bringing your own. It's also tons of fun for the kids! Chalk: Chalk is always a fantastic activity for kids! Buy the big box and let your kids draw on the road! They will love decorating the road in front of their campsite. Plus, mom and dad get to relax a little while they draw! Scavenger Hunts: This one takes a bit of planning, but you won't regret it! You can even invite your campsite neighbors to join in on the fun! Use the campground or use the surrounding landscape to have your scavenger hunt adventure! Water Fight: Whether you have water guns, buckets, or water balloons, use them to your advantage and have a big, family water fight! Always remember to practice Leave No Trace and pick up after yourself!

Making memories in the outdoors is a wonderful thing. I hope these tips help you have a blast on your family adventure!

Featured Image PC: Slackline Industries Written by Lindsay Helm
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