Adventure Mom: Give The Gift Of Adventure This Holiday Season

Adventure Mom: Give The Gift Of Adventure This Holiday Season

After Christmas is all said and done, I often find myself overwhelmed with all the new "stuff" floating around our house. While I do appreciate that my toddler is finally entertained for the first time in months thanks to his new toys, I don't always ask Santa for material things. Sometimes all I want for Christmas is a fun adventure with my family!

Zoo Membership

Last year, our little family of three received a year membership to our local zoo. We loved it! The membership made it easy for us to have a fun family day without worrying about cost. We also received a discount in the gift shop when we presented our membership card (score!). A zoo membership would be a great gift idea for any family with easy access to a local zoo or wildlife park!

Children's Museum

Depending on the area, museum admission can come with a hefty price tag. If you are on the search for a family gift, a day pass to the local children's museum would be fantastic! If you can afford it, check out the yearly memberships. Both day passes and yearly memberships to the museum are great gifts to use on rainy days or during those long winter months. Plus, children's museums are designed for a variety of ages meaning all the children in the family will have something to look forward to!

Airline/Hotel Gift Certificates

Do you know a family who loves to travel? Consider giving them the gift of hospitality with a hotel gift certificate. Better yet, buy them some airline miles for their next jet setting adventure! The family will love you for it!

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Some of my favorite gifts to give are tickets to local tourist activities. Because I live outside of Seattle, Washington, we love to play tourist in our own city. I have bought and participated in activities such as: Pike Place Market Tour, Underground Seattle Tour, Haunted Tacoma Tour, a Brewery Tour, and many more! Each city is alive with rich history, you might just have to find it! Do some research to see what your city has to offer. You may be surprised to find some funky and interesting things to do!

Have a Weekend Getaway

Are you having a gift-free Christmas this year? Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year on a small getaway with your family, instead of giving gifts! Whether you're hopping over to the closest metropolitan area, or headed out of state, nothing beats spending time together as a family!

I've never met a family that didn't love a unique gift involving thought and genuine consideration from the gift giver. It might take more work and overall planning, but it's sure to leave a lasting impression (and hopefully create forever memories). So, give the gift of adventure this holiday season!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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