Adventure Mom: New Adventures For A New Year

Adventure Mom: New Adventures For A New Year

The time to plan new adventures for the new year is now! Whether you're planning a big family getaway or a romantic weekend trip with your better half, the more time you give yourself to plan and organize, the better! And what better time than the new year to do that!

Set Your Adventure Budget

It's important to not only set your adventure budget now, but also start saving for adventure possibilities! There may be some trips or other adventures that you think are far out of your budget, but if you start saving a year in advance, it could become a reality! Giving yourself enough time to budget is crucial for a successful trip. You never want to be caught off guard by random expenses that come up along the way while you're traveling. These unexpected expenses can cut into your fun money, and that's no fun at all!

Do Your Research

Not all adventures are created equal. Depending on the destination, you could either find yourself on a beautiful, sunny backpacking trip or a stormy beach getaway, depending on the time of year. Make sure you do your due diligence to figure out what time of year is best for your desired destination. Giving yourself ample time to figure out these details is the best way to go!

Put In For Vacation Time

Let your job know what dates you will be gone ahead of time! Giving your company extra time to plan for our absence is not only courteous, but it will be a weight off your shoulders. Your colleagues will also thank you for giving them a heads up, and not leaving them with a bunch of extra work at the last minute.

Airline & Hotel Prices Will Be Lower

Planning an adventure ahead of time usually offers lower travel costs. You can expect lower airline ticket prices and hotel costs if you travel on a weekday. If you call the hotel you are hoping to stay at, they can usually give you a lower rate than a third-party booking site. Never be afraid to ask for a free upgrade on the day of your arrival--hotels always have unsold rooms!

Create the ultimate family adventure in advance by planning out your travel calendar for the new year! Your wallet will be happy you took the time to figure things out ahead of time. Always have a game plan for your responsibilities at home and how they will be taken care of while you're gone. Make sure at least two people know your travel plans and approximate location just in case. Most importantly, have a blast planning all your amazing adventures for 2018!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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