Traveling with a Toddler? Try out These Tips!

Traveling with a Toddler? Try out These Tips!

Thanks to trains, planes, and cars family's tend to live farther away from each other nowadays - but that also means that when the Holiday's come around you are likely traveling far and wide to get to go visit family! Does that endeavor sound a little really daunting to you when you have a three-year-old on the loose? I thought so. It can be quite scary for both toddler and parents to go on a big trip! If you're a good parent you probably care about not disrupting others on your flight or train ride, and if you value your sanity at all you are most likely worried about a tantrum from being in the car all day after a road trip. So what to do? We are so excited to share with you some amazing tips we found from the folks over at Parents Magazine today to make sure that your travels will be as lovely as the song "To Grandmother's House we Go" sounds!

Are You Flying?

Flying can be scary for anyone nowadays - I know that the first time I flew I was slightly terrified (ok, a lot terrified. I'm really afraid of heights, ok?), so as a kid I probably would have FLIPPED A LID had my parents taken me on a plane. You see, not only would an airport be a whole new place for a child; but, it is also extremely large, loud, and full of strangers. That is A LOT of sensory stimulation for their small and developing brains to take in at once! So, what do the experts over at Parent's Magazine suggest? Get your child used to the idea that they will be up in the air. Do this by pointing out planes in the sky, giving them a toy airplane, or finding a fun book to teach your child about airplane travel like this book, My First Airplane Ride.

As for right before boarding the plane, suggests that you allow your child to get their ya-ya's out - let them push luggage around the waiting area, ride the escalator up and down, run around making silly faces - whatever will allow them to exert some energy! Then, make sure you have a good mix of novel and old toys. The older toys will be comforting and familiar on this new, scary machine. But newer toys may interest them for a little longer!

Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks and lots of little fun toys are perfect for plane rides or road trips! 

Or Driving?

Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks and lots of little fun toys are perfect for plane rides or road trips!

Who DOES like a car seat on long drives? Most toddler's I'm sure feel like their seat is more restricting than anything, but that doesn't mean that they can't be comfortable and entrained in it for your long road trip to Grandmother's house. The experts at Parents say that your toddler won't be able to feel engaged in the back seat because frankly, they're not up where all the action is! The experts suggest to play car games with your child like "I Spy" or the alphabet game (if they're old enough), as well as bringing lots of interactive toys that do not require many pieces. We always suggest to take along a back pack full of toys, like this Skip Hop ZOO Pack! They have tons of animals for your child to choose from so that it can be all their own. It's the perfect size for taking lots of little toys along like the Tegu Pocket Pouch, Plantoys Tie-up Shoe, or a few BabyLit Books.  

Or Staying Overnight?

Combine any travel at all with the fact that you are suddenly around unfamiliar people and sleeping in a new place - well, you're setting yourself up for a night of tantrum's if you don't PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. If you're staying at Grandma's, have her send you a few pictures of her home (on the inside) so that your child can see them and get used to how it looks. Show them pictures of the relatives that will be there and teach them names and a few things about each person. All of this will help your little one feel more comfortable once you arrive at your destination! As well, Parents suggests to keep their bedtime routine as normal as possible - even if this means bringing their nightlight. Keep the same lovey and blanket close by for immediate reminders of comfort and home! 

Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks and lots of little fun toys are perfect for plane rides or road trips!

Well, that's it, folks! I wish you well in all of your travels this holiday season and hope that you don't come back with PTSD. I'm sure if you follow all of these tips you will be well on your way to a happy vacation!

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