Avanchy Baby Plateware: The No-Mess Eating Solution

Avanchy Baby Plateware: The No-Mess Eating Solution

Food is fun--to eat that is! But to babies and toddlers, fun with food begins once it is squished between their chubby little fingers, and they are watching their bowl splatter on the floor. While the Baby Cubby can't help you with your child's curious hands, we can help you with a eating solution that will keep your floors (and walls) clean!

 Avanchy Bamboo Suction Bowl

Avanchy plateware minimizes mealtime war zones with its suction cup bottoms that seal the bowls or plates tightly to any given surface. So as much as your children may want to tip their bowl over the edge of their high chair, the tight suction on the Avanchy bowl will not let that happen! The silicone base comes in a variety of fun colors and is BPA-, PVC-, lead- and phthalate-free! The top portion of the plateware is 100% organic bamboo.

A comparable plateware option for children is the EZPZ plateware collection. The EZPZ plates and bowl  are similar in that they also have a silicone suction bottom, but they differ in size and the compatibility of the two respectable products. As you can see, the Avanchy bowl  and plates are individual items that fasten directly on to any surface. EZPZ plateware, however, offers its products attached to a placemat that suctions as one piece directly onto a table or high chair.

 EZPZ Plateware

Reviewers love both the Avanchy and EZPZ products, but some do notice that the EZPZ placemats don't quite fit on certain models of highchairs. For those reviewers, the Avanchy plateware collection would've been a better choice since the plateware is detached and can accommodate smaller spaces. Other reviewers rave over the ease of the EZPZ Placemats in a restaurant or a table top setting. They love the fact that the whole placemat and attached bowl can be thrown into the dishwasher for hassle-free clean up. The Avanchy bowl, on the other hand, needs to be hand washed and dried because it is made mostly from bamboo. The benefit to buying Avanchy products is knowing that no harsh chemicals or dyes are involved in producing the bamboo plates or bowls. It is also an eco-friendly option because bamboo is a renewable resource and is the fastest growing plant on earth growing an average of 24-36 inches every 24 hours. The bamboo bowls themselves are naturally antibacterial and water resistant, ensuring your little one has a clean and odorfree bowl or plate to eat from.

Both the Avanchy and EZPZ plateware collections are high quality, durable, and compare equally in price. The only way to choose one over the other is by personal preference! Head over to the Baby Cubby to explore these two great products, and feel free to join our online chat to ask our Cubby Moms any question your heart desires!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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