Avent Bottles - Perfect for Every Mom

Avent Bottles - Perfect for Every Mom

Phillips Avent has always been a leader in baby products from breast pumps to glass baby bottles to pacifiers. Buying bottles can be so stressful with how many bottle brands and types of bottles there are! Should you buy glass, plastic, silicone? Do you need a wide nipple or a narrow one? What about pacifiers - orthopedic or round???? It never ends. But, you can take comfort knowing that when you buy Avent you are getting a great quality product that has been researched and tested. Plus, bonus: you don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals in their products! Their bottles and pacifiers are BPA-Free and have new designs to make them easy to use and clean. There are so many different baby items out there and I want to give you a run through all of what Avent has to offer.  

Avent Natural Bottles



The Natural baby bottle is Avent's most innovative and advanced bottle. It is designed with a wide, breast-shaped nipple to make bottle feeding more natural for your baby as well as an enhanced, easy to hold, ergonomic shape. I used these bottles and absolutely loved them. They were easy to clean and my baby had no problems going from breast, to bottle, and back again!

 Avent's natural bottle is also available in glass. Glass is a great option for anyone who has concerns about if the material is safe. Glass is also easier to clean and sterilize! 

Avent Natural Bottles are available in:

4oz9oz, 11oz

Pink and Blue 9oz

Pink and Blue 4oz

These bottles also come in starter packs for new parents to try out what they need! There is an Avent Natural Essentials Gift Set or the Avent Natural Infant Starter Set to choose from.

Avent Classic Bottles


Agent's classic models have been improved to provide an even more enjoyable feeding experience for new parents and their littles! This has been done by integrating the clinically proven, anti-colic system into the nipple, making the bottle extra easy to clean and assemble. As well, because the bottle nipple is a little longer it makes for an easy latch for any baby by stimulating their upper palette and triggering their sucking reflex.

Avent Classic Bottles Available in

4oz bottles 1pack, 2pack, 3pack

9oz bottles 1pack, 2pack, 3pack

Avent Soothie Pacifier 


The Avent Soothie Pacifier is the only pacifier that my son would take. It is made of hospital-grade, BPA-free and latex-free silicone for strength, comfort, and durability. The soothie has a special design to help promote the natural development of your child's mouth and teeth. It's nipple is also designed to make sure your baby doesn't have problems latching back on for breast feeding moms. There is a 0-3 month state that is a softer, thinner silicone so that younger babies do not need to suck very hard; and then there is a 3+ month stage which are made of a thicker silicone so that baby can feel they have something substantial in their mouth and so that their teeth won't be able to rip through! Smart thinking.

Available in:

0-3 Months: Blue Soothies, Pink and Purple Soothies, Yellow Soothies

3+ Months: Blue Soothie Pacifiers, Yellow Soothie Pacifiers, Pink Soothie Pacifiers, Green Soothie Pacifiers

You can also get vanilla scented soothies! These are especially for mothers who like to utilize aromatherapy with their children and want that calming scent of vanilla to help them settle down.

Avent Bottle Brush


For all types of bottles, nipples and feeding equipment, the Philips AVENT bottle brush is specially designed for a thorough, complete cleaning. The bristles are soft so that they won't scratch up your bottles, but sturdy enough that they get the job done. The end of the brush also features ridges to help with cleaning the nipples. Because this brush has no metal parts there is no worry about rusting. Comes in Pink and Blue so you can coordinate it great for a gift.

Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer


The Avent steam sterilizer kills 99.9% of germs and protects your baby from harmful bacteria, operating at a higher temperature than even your dishwasher! It is lightweight and easy to travel with, making it perfect for any family. It's a great price and will give you the piece of mind of knowing your bottles are clean.

AVENT Microwave Sterilizing Bags


Sterilizing bottles and breast pump parts on the go is made easy with these bags! Kills 99.9% bacteria and germs and you don't have to worry about taking your dirty parts home to clean.

AVENT Breast Care Essential Set


The first weeks of breast feeding are hard. Here is a set with all things you will need. It includes 12 day-time pads, 6 night-time pads, 2 thermogel pads, and a bra clip to help you remember which side to feed from.

AVENT Breast Milk Storage Starter Set



This starter set will help you get going on storing breast milk. The containers are easy to label, securely seal, and stack for easy storage in your freezer or fridge.

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