Video: Baby Carrying—Happy Baby to the Rescue!

Video: Baby Carrying—Happy Baby to the Rescue!

One of our favorite brands, Happy Baby, makes soft-structure wraps and carriers for any parent needing the use of two hands!

Having a new baby is a wonderful thing - so many of my mother friends talk about the blissful state of snuggling a sleeping newborn. That being said, you're still a busy person with a to-do list that you've got to get done! Baby carrying is an awesome way for you to keep baby close while going about your day-to-day, whether you're running a business or exploring on a hike.

Happy Baby Wraps are essentially just long strips of lightweight fabric that you tie to your body. They have a lower weight capacity, so they're more ideal for newborns. If you're into the idea of a bit more structure, Happy Baby Carriers are a great option. They have wide, padded shoulder straps and all-adjustable features for any wearer, plus a sun cover to protect your baby's head. Because of the added bells and whistles, plus the higher weight capacity, the carriers are a bit more expensive. Either of these are great options if you're in the market!

Stop by our store today to test out either of these options to find what's best for you!

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