Baby Cubby Welcomes: INK!

Baby Cubby Welcomes: INK!

All of us here at The Baby Cubby are pleased to announce the unveiling of one of our newest products: INK Menswear. Now, you might think "What? Menswear?" Yes, it's true. Our INK products include mens, kids, and infant ties to keep all your boys looking sharp for any special occasion.

So, what is INK Menswear really all about? They are a team of individuals devoted to putting personality into their products and making a difference where they can in the world. We believe it's a stupendous product, otherwise we wouldn't be selling it! INK Menswear offers a new level of quality and freshness to the necktie industry. With handmade products from quality fabric, INK will leave your family looking classy and cool.

One of our favorite twists that INK offers on the simple necktie is their "Tongue & Tail" design. The tongue (or front part of the tie) is sophisticated, while the tail (or back part) is full of color and fun for a statement design. INK collaborates with local artists to keep their brand and designs fresh, and you can tell! If you want a way to amp up your husband's dress wardrobe while letting your boys get in on the fun, check out our collection of INK Menswear ties below:

Infant Neckties

If, like INK Menswear, you want to teach your children that people's personalities matter and that they can reach their potential, now's your chance! Something as little as a tie with the right design can be a reminder: you can do anything!

Infant Tie - Fly High

This baby blue design goes great with chubby cheeks and little hearts. We also offer infant ties in the "Surf's Up!" design (pictured below).

Kid's Neckties

Kids Necktie - Surf's Up!

If you want something a little more adventurous, or you are going to a black-and-white-themed wedding, go with the Surf's Up! necktie. Kids ties also sold in the Fly High design.

Mens Neckties

Most men aren't big into being all matchy-matchy, and that's okay. You can still add a little fun and flair to your family ensemble with a men's tie that may not match, but certainly goes. With your toddler, baby, and husband all in their new INK Menswear ties, nothing can stop you now!

Adult Necktie - Rockaway

Adult Necktie - Staircases

Add just the right element of "business in the front, party in the back" to your next family picture, wedding, or church attire with INK Menswear neckties for all the men (big and little) in your family!

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