Baby Cubby's Semi-Annual Diaper Bags Sale!

Baby Cubby's Semi-Annual Diaper Bags Sale!

Fear not mom's, your favorite sale of the year is here! As a new mom, I know that sometimes I can feel super drab (you know, when you haven't gotten a chance to shower in 3 days and you feel like a walking burp cloth - I know you know what I'm talking about)! Fortunately for me (and you, too!) The Baby Cubby is putting on our semi-annual Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag sale! There's just something about having a bag that is stylish and functional, so that even on your fifth day without a shower, you can feel fabulous. Now, let me help you take a look at some of my favorite Petunia bags, keep in mind they won't all be on sale, but lots of bags will be. 

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Boxy Backpack - Central Park North Stop - Special Edition

#1.) Boxy Backpack - Central Park North Stop - Special Edition

So I know all you classy mom's out there are dying for this Central Park North Stop Special Edition Boxy Backpack. It's clean, it's chic, and it's special edition. What's not to love?! This beauty has tons of pockets, a detachable changing pad, back pack and messenger straps, as well as outside pockets. This is great for SAHM's or working mom's who want to look put together every day! This lovely bag also comes in a Sashay Satchel (which also converts to a backpack for your convenience) and City Carryall styles if you prefer a more covert diaperbag. 

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Glazed Wanderlust Wallet - Evening In Islington

#2.) Glazed Wanderlust Wallet

Petunia Pickle Bottom is well known for their quality and style. So, I know we are all grateful that they expanded their lines outside of diaper bags! Also included in our sale are the Petunia Pickle Bottom Wanderlust Wallets. One of my favorite designs is the Evening in Islington. This classic design catches the eye with it's contrasting black and white design, along with some red piping on the outside. These wallets are perfect for mom's who don't want to carry around a bulky wallet, but still want something that is stylish and has lots of room for cards, pictures, and their license. Wanderlust wallets feature a prominent ID window, 10 credit card slots, a built-in coin purse, and two picture slots to show off your kiddos (because Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not provide enough opportunities to share your child with the world..they're perfect, what can you say?). Plus, they match your bag. I know you want it.

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Wistful Weekender - Persimmon Spice

#3.) Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful Weekender

K ladies, do you ever want to just go on a weekend trip with the girls or the hubby to get away from the kids? And I know you want to document every moment, but then you look at that drab luggage bag of yours and hope that you can find ways to stuff it behind your legs every time a picture gets snapped, right? Well, Petunia Pickle Bottom has thought of us mom's even when we're not at home with their Wistful Weekender bags! This gorgeous Weekender in Chenille Persimmon Spice is definitely an eye-catcher. Plus, this bag doubles as a travel diaper bag or one for multiple kids since it still comes with a changing pad and a wipes container.

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Altogether Tote - Constellation

#4.) Altogether Tote

Sometimes you want to take your kiddo's to the lake or the beach, but don't want to take a diaper bag plus a bag for your towels and snacks. The Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote solves that problem for us mom's who don't want to look like the crazy-bag-lady. This tote also comes complete with the Take-Along Changing Kit to minimize the amount of things (and kids) you need to carry when someone needs a changing. This bag is perfect for picnics, the beach, or even trips to Disneyland! For mom's that want to look cute and like you have it "altogether," this is the bag for you!

Come visit us in-store or online to see what other designs we have available!

We can't wait to see you!

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