Baby Jogger City LUX: Everything You've Ever Wanted From a Stroller

Baby Jogger City LUX: Everything You've Ever Wanted From a Stroller

Ok, if you're all about the baby gear like we are at The Baby Cubby then you may have heard about Baby Jogger's newest and coolest stroller: the City LUX! We are so excited about the possibilities that this stroller has to offer, and now we have a our FB Live Video from the ABC show to show you it in person!!

But for now, let's get some stats!

  • First off, this stroller is basically a deluxe version of the Baby Jogger City Select (which I know all of us are already IN LOVE with). So what makes this one better?
  • 20 configurations for the Baby Jogger City Lux vs. 16 for the City Select
  • The City Lux is 30% smaller when folded
  • A new, decelerating brake (so a brake like those on a jogging stroller) for better control PLUS a parking brake for a full stop
  • All wheel suspension to promote an even more comfortable ride
  • New fabric and color options (they are definitely keeping it classy!). From the images we've seen so far it looks like this stroller will feature fabric types similar to the City Premiere, which is a heather style fabric that is ultra durable and extra soft for those little bodies!
  • Brand new accessories like a jump seat (basically easy-in-easy-out seats for older children) and a shopping tote for those of us who live in the city!
  • IT FOLDS WITH BOTH SEATS! How amazing is that?! There are few in-line doubles that can do that, and even fewer that are double modular! How amazing is that?!

The price is yet to be determined on this baby, but we are SO EXCITED to play with it! Seriously, you are going to be as in love with it as we are. Can't wait to see you on the live feed!



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Hi, i also personally like UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller. It has very sturdy construction, easy to fold, has large basket, so the only disadvantage could be higher price. I like your site!

Martin Vlcek

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