Video: Baby Jogger City Select Lux at Christmas Time

Video: Baby Jogger City Select Lux at Christmas Time

We took the Baby Jogger City Select Lux out for a spin this holiday season. Take a look at our video to see how it handled at a tree farm!

Spoiler alert: it handled super well. The City Select Lux's advanced handbrake and all-wheel suspension make strolling on dirt and gravel way easy! This is augmented by the lockable front wheels and heavy duty plastic tires. It's definitely a workhorse. Perfect for keeping kiddos comfy while they admire the surrounding pines!

Even in double mode, it's one of the only double strollers that you can fold and store with both seats still attached! Additionally, both seats themselves fold in half, making it super compact. We love the many modes of this stroller—customize it to you and your children's needs. They can both face forward or backward, or even each other! The second seat adapters are a no-brainer to attach with the trapdoor inserts, which really is a step above the hassle of the original City Select.

In terms of accessories, the bench seat is perfect for older kids who may not fit in the toddler seat, or who just need a break from walking. Simply attach it to the frame where the normal seat would go. I can confirm firsthand: wiggly little boys love it!

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux is here to accompany your whole family on all your adventures!

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