Baby Wearing Basics With Ergobaby Carriers

Baby Wearing Basics With Ergobaby Carriers

Baby wearing is a great way for baby to connect with the wearer.  Plus, let's be honest, who doesn't want to be able to hold their baby AND keep their hands free?!  Ergobaby is one of the leading brands in baby carriers and we are proud to carry their products!  Ergobaby carriers place your child in the most ergonomically correct position, with their knees even to or above the hips and their spine curved like a "C". This positioning greatly helps to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia in young children - especially for those that wear their baby every day! Now let's talk practicality.  Strollers are wonderful, absolutely.  But they're also bulky and heavy and you probably don't want to lug that thing around with you all the time.  Enter:  Ergobaby Original Carrier.  SO much lighter and smaller than a stroller!  Also, you have your hands free!  With the Original Carrier you can carry a little one from 12-45lbs.  (With an infant insert you can carry a 7lbs newborn!)  They face towards you on either your chest, back, or hip (although the back and hip carries are not recommended until your child is at least 6 months old and can sit up by themselves).

Ergobaby Original Carrier
- Black Twill – Babies enjoy a sense of ‘quiet alertness’ when facing towards the wearer. While still being stimulated by their environment, the stimulation does not become overwhelming.

Ergobaby also carries an Organic Cotton Fabric Carrier.  This carrier is basically the same as the Original Carrier, but the fabric is made out of entirely organic cotton!  So for any of you eco-conscientious people out there, this is the carrier for you! "But wait, I want my child to be able to face outward so they can be a part of what's going on." - Valid concern, and I have a carrier for that!  The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier.  This one, like the Original Carrier, can carry a child facing towards the wearer on their chest, back, and hip.  However, the Four Position 360 Carrier can also carry your little one on your chest facing outward!  Unfortunately though, with this carrier you trade the forward-facing position for a lower weight limit.  The weight limit on the Four Position 360 only goes up to 33lbs, versus the Original's 45lbs. (And once again, with an infant insert you can carry a little one as light as 7lbs!)

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier
- Cool Air - Carbon Grey
Older children will love being able to be a part of the action around them.

"I want to wear my baby, but I live in a really hot and humid place.  Are the Ergobaby carriers going to be too hot to wear?" - No worries, Ergobaby has a carrier designed specifically for that dilemma!  The Ergobaby Performance Carrier has moisture-wicking mesh lining, keeping the carrier ventilated so that the child and the wearer keep cool!  This carrier has a weight capacity of 12-45lbs, just like the Original Carrier.  And, just like the other 2 carriers, you can use an infant insert, but this one is specially designed with a mesh lining to make the insert more breathable.  So for all you hikers or people living in hot areas, this would be the carrier for you!

Ergobaby Performance Carrier
- Ventus Graphite – This breathable mesh-lined carrier is perfect for hot or humid outings.

The one collective downfall I find with these carriers is that it's really hard to clip the clasp in the back by yourself.  But, if you have someone who can do it for you then you're all set!  Plus, all of Ergobaby's carriers and infant inserts are MACHINE WASHABLE!  So a little clip is not even that big of a deal, right?  Right. Besides, if you can find a carrier that will be durable enough to last through all your kids (Any of Ergobaby's products totally will!) then it's a total steal.

We also carry some different kinds of carriers.  Ergobaby has a Baby Wrap, and we also carry Happy Baby Wraps.  In addition to wraps, slings are also a popular carrying method and we carry Sakura Bloom slings, which are absolutely stunning.  Although wonderful, the wraps and the slings are often considered somewhat feminine, but the Ergobaby carriers are definitely not!  With an Ergo, dad can be a part of the baby wearing too!  For example, Michelle, one of our lovely Cubby Moms, owns a Performance Carrier and Scott, her husband, loves it!  The two of them love to take their little one on hikes all the time and Scott has no problems wearing this carrier and still feeling manly. :)

Want even more information on Ergobaby carriers?  Our Cubby Mom Natasha wrote a blog post ("ErgoBaby Carriers that Both Moms and Dads Love") about them in August where she goes into even more detail on all the carriers, so check it out!

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