The Ergo Baby Carriers That Both Moms and Dads Love

The Ergo Baby Carriers That Both Moms and Dads Love

When I have friends ask me what baby carrier they should get, my answer is always the same - anything made by Ergobaby! Ergobaby truly makes the best baby carriers in the world because their carriers are ergonomically designed to carry your baby in a natural sitting position. Which keeps your babies hips, spine, and pelvis in a healthy position. Ergobaby's soft structured carriers make carrying your baby comfortable, and they distribute the weight evenly so it's easy for moms or dads to carry your little one!

 3 of our favorite carriers by Ergobaby are listed below, but you can't go wrong with any of them!

   1. Ergobaby 360 Carrier

When my son was around 5 months old we started going on more outings and adventures. I tried on all the Ergobaby carriers (If you are local you can come into our baby store in Utah and try them on!) and fell in love with the Ergobaby 360 because of how comfortable the thick Velcro waist band is, and because it's the only carrier with the option to have your child forward facing. You have the choice of 2 neutral colors, black or grey. If you are going to use the carrier with newborns you will need to purchase the Ergobaby Newborn Insert. This makes the carrier able to use from birth.

 2. Ergobaby Original Carrier

Ergobaby Original Carrier

You can never go wrong with the award-winning carrier that made Ergobaby's name. With 3 carrying options, front-inward, hip, and back, the Original Ergobaby Carrier is suitable from birth to up to 45 pounds (with the infant insert). It comes in many prints and colors, and the Original Carrier gets some of the best reviews. 

3. Ergobaby Performance Carrier

Ergobaby Performance Carrier

The Ergobaby Performance Carrier is made with a lightweight, breathable moisture-wicking mesh fabric, and is ideal for  warm climates or outdoor activities! This carrier will keep both you and the baby cool. It has 3 carrying options, front-inward, hip, and back. With the Performance Infant Insert you can use your carrier from birth.

You can always come visit us at our local Utah baby store or visit us online at to purchase an Ergobaby product

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