Pamper Baby This Season - 5 Gifts Just for Infants

Pamper Baby This Season - 5 Gifts Just for Infants

What is one supposed to get a brand new baby for Christmas?  It's kind of hard, right?  You can't just pick up a gift card to a restaurant or a spa - like I do all the time for gifts.  So what can you buy for a newborn? I have some great ideas for you today that both baby (and mom and dad!) will surely appreciate!

Memory books are a great way to capture that first year and all of those wonderful accomplishments! 

Lucy Darling is, well, DARLING!  Although all of the products are adorable, my favorite are the closet dividers.  I mean, who thought these up?  (Obviously someone smarter than me).  These closet dividers create an easy way to organize infant clothing by size. A pack of these makes for a fun, innovative, and adorable gift.  And seriously, anything that can make life a little bit more organized is always needed, right?!


We also carry Monthly Stickers, perfect for documenting monthly milestones, Memory Books to keep all those notes you want to remember, and adorable art prints to hang in the little one's nursery.  


Natursutten pacifiers are perfect for any baby who is going all natural! Made of 100% all natural rubber, you can rest easy knowing that whatever is in baby's mouth is not going to harm them. Natursutten pacifiers come in both rounded and orthodontic type nipples and in different sizes - because we all know that no baby's mouth is the same size! Baby's love these pacifiers almost as much as mom does. Natursutten also offers a great all natural teether toy that is perfect for those older infants!

Comfy jammies, all day play clothes, and everything in-between – Rags to Raches Rompers are perfect for everything!

Rags to Raches.  The romper sensation that's sweepin' the nation! - But seriously though, these are adorable. Perfect for hanging out all day with mom or for running around outside. Meant to be comfy and stylish all day long, Rags to Raches Rompers are so popular because of their deliciously soft materials and no-snaps design. Use them for regular play clothes during the day, travel clothes while you're on your way to visit family, or even pajamas! Some of our favorites for winter time are the Duh 3/4 Sleeve + Pocket and Hood in Charcoal or Light Grey, the XOXO Hooded 3/4 Sleeve Romper + Pocket in Mint Grey, and (my personal favorite for the Holiday's) the Duh 3/4 Sleeve Romper + Pocket in Red Stripe!

Ok, think of the softest thing you have ever worn and times that by 10,000 and you will have how soft Kickee Pants are! These poor little newborn's are entering this world during the coldest time of the year, so it is definitely nice to have something extra soft and warm to put them in. Kickee Pants come in a large variety of colors and patterns plus they offer both outfits and blankets! Um, ok. Pretty much every baby needs these in their lives. It's non-negotiable. My favorite patterns? I'm absolutely in love with the little Kickee Pants Jade Alien Footie and Kickee's Sweet Pea Lattice Ruffle Footie. As for blankets, I'm basically in love with this Twilight Swaddle that has little spaceships on it!

Roll Around Rattle - Hedgehog

Skip Hop’s Roll-around Hedgehog Rattle is perfect for those little ones that are practicing their grasping skills!

Ah, toys. What do you get a newborn, or even a three month old, that love looking at things but can't even sit up yet? I always turn to Skip Hop - they've been around for ages and for good reason! They have toys that range in developmental ages AND are great at helping to teach different skills. I absolutely adore the Treetop Friends Ball Trio for infants! They have tons of fun patterns, different textures, and crinkly noises happening! The Roll Around Hedgehog Rattle is also a great choice to help baby practice their grasping skills. It's punctured-ball design allows little fingers to easily grasp and hold onto the rattle, making this an awesome interactive toy for baby! Finally, I absolutely LOVE Skip Hop's Bandana Buddies. SO. MANY. THINGS. TO. LOOK. AT. Your little infant will be entertained for hours as they snuggle, explore, and - lets be honest - chew on their little buddy! Mirrors, noises, rattles, textures - you name it, the Bandana Buddy has it! We can't wait for you to come visit us at our Lindon, UT baby store or on our website to get all these great gifts before they're gone! Infants - and their parents - need all the gifts (and help) we can give them!

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