BabyJogger City Select Stroller and Accessories

BabyJogger City Select Stroller and Accessories

Stroller /ˈstrōlər/ noun

 A necessity for any parent. Used for transporting children, carrying ___, and all-around making life easier.

BabyJogger is known for its high quality products and fabulous customer service, but the BabyJogger City Select Stroller may just be the best product they offer. This stroller goes above and beyond the style, functionality, and convenience of any normal stroller. It comes with either a black or silver frame, and has a wide variety of fabric options. Car seat adapters make it easy to insert an infant car seat so you won't have to wake up the baby when you move them to the stroller! And, while accommodating up to three children, the City Select remains a lightweight, slender option. Because the seats sit in-line you don't have to deal with a bulky side by side double stroller that takes up a ton more space and is a lot harder to maneuver.

When you buy the City Select start-up kit, it will come with the stroller frame and the 1st seat.

Baby Jogger City Select Single
 BabyJogger - City Select - Single

Once your second little one comes along, add a 2nd seat!

Baby Jogger City Select Double
 BabyJogger - City Select - Double

And, to accommodate a 3rd child, try the BabyJogger glider board.  It hooks to the back of your stroller so that an older child can still hitch a ride instead of having to walk.

Baby Jogger Glider BoardBabyJogger - Glider Board

The City Select also comes with a ton of small accessories that you will love. Make sure to check out the universal cup holder, the snack tray for your child, the carry bag for extra storage, or the parent console to hold all of Mom and Dad's belongings.

So come visit our local utah baby store to test-drive one of these awesome strollers or shop online at!

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