BabyLit Books = the Best of the Best!

BabyLit Books = the Best of the Best!

If your kids are anything like mine and they DEMAND to have a million books read to them every night right before bed, then you know the struggle of reading the exact same thing over and over that has something to do with a truck, or a frog, or a bunny. It not only gets old for mamas, but I can tell when my kids are itching for new material.

That is why I love the BabyLit Books! They are perfect for kids of any age, and you can either choose primer books or kid-friendly story book versions of the classics. 

I think the artwork in these story books is just adorable , and I love that I'm able to introduce actual literature to my kids without their eyes glazing over. The pictures and small word count make all the difference, you feel me, mama? They get into the stories, and watching their eyes light up when I read about Alice and her adventures, or the drama of Moby Dick, is seriously everything to me.

Plus, don't even get me started on the fact that no two books are the same, and you're never going to get bored (or even more tired than you already are when you're putting your littles to bed) because there are actual stories that you know and love. Plus, the number of Primer Books that BabyLit has for you to get through is life giving! We love having options! 

  • If your kids are still too little to really sit and listen to one of the story books, you should definitely get your hands on some of BabyLit's adorable primer books. These are PERFECT for your tiny babies, because they are quick, few-word books that let you get them introduced to classic characters or stories with different subjects. Get a few and let your babe choose between emotions, or locations, or anatomy. Super cute, and quick and you can go through a bunch of them without taking an hour to read right before bed.

If you're in the market for a couple new books to add to your shelves that won't kill you to read them every night, and won't drive you crazy when your babe grabs 5 of them, then BabyLit is going to be your best friend, mama! Get your littles some of these cute books and I promise you're going to love them!

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