Back to School Prep: COVID Style

Back to School Prep: COVID Style

I know, thinking about summer wrapping up is not at the top of anyone's list. My feelings are totally mixed on the subject as the controversial approach to a new and unknown school year is upon us.

I will have children in three different schools this year, and all of them with a little bit different guidelines that they'll need to adhere to. And it seems as though each week those guidelines are changing! It's overwhelming, to say the least. These are some ways I plan to help both my kids and myself adapt to the upcoming school year.

1. Positive!

Children truly are the best imitators and they will often unknowingly take on the attitude and mentality of their parents or peers. Therefore, if, as their parents, we have a positive and optimistic mindset, then they will too! Wearing masks to school for sure isn't ideal; let's be honest, no one is a fan of them. But if we teach our kiddos the benefit of doing our part to help keep others and ourselves safe and healthy, our kids will be more understanding and willing to cooperate.

Will school be online? Half days? Delayed for another month or two? There are so many unanswered questions that have all of us frustrated and anxious! Knowing that it's all out of our control and making the best of each situation that arises will be the best way to handle all these unknown challenges! Preparation is key, but worrying and stressing is not. Staying focused on what we can control keeps us in control and allows us to take action versus reacting. Setting that example for your littles will help them adapt much better and feel more comfortable if they know you are behind them.

2. Knowlege is Power

I'm all about keeping our kids informed and up to date with current events and what's going on in our communities. I feel that if they know and are made aware of the newest guidelines and rules and the reason for all the restrictions that are implemented, the better they will be at conforming and being willing to follow without too much resistance.

That concept doesn't only apply to them. As adults, it's our responsibility to make sure we are made well-aware of the changes, and like I mentioned they are happening daily as new information constantly arises. Reach out to your local school and district leaders for questions or concerns, or even other parents. The unknown is scary and risking health--physical and/or mental, of our little ones. Staying informed gives you the power to make the best decisions for your family.

3. Look Good, Feel Good

I don't know about you, but I tend to believe if I feel comfortable in my outfit, hair, shoes, or even earrings, I'll have a good day. Sure that might sound a bit ridiculous, but I'm telling ya, the story you tell yourself can sure go a long way! Back to school shopping might not be the same this year, but regardless, equipping your kids with a new shirt or two, or a new backpack can do wonders for keeping them excited about what they're about to face!

Baby Cubby is here to make things easy for you and your kids. With a large selection of clothes for all ages (including you!), backpacks, notebooks, and accessories. Save some time and stress and order online, we've got ya covered. By all means, anything to make things seem a bit normal or even exciting is definitely worth doing!

girls with backpacks

We've got this mama. Just because the circumstances are much different this season doesn't mean that back-to-school can't still be something we all are looking forward to. Besides, isn't it the things that challenge us the most that truly make us better?!


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