Bapron: Perfect for the "Fun Mom"

Bapron: Perfect for the "Fun Mom"

I’m not often the fun parent; that is strictly Dad’s role. But occasionally, when I’m feeling extra adventurous or am in an especially good mood, the “fun mom” side of me comes out. The typical activities I tend to visit during these rare times are some sort of arts and crafts: playdoh, slime, puddy, finger painting, actual painting, or some other sort of creating. We color on a regular basis with crayons or colored pencils, but to take it up a notch, or two, simply doesn’t happen a whole ton around here when I’m in charge. Why? The mess.

To some, the entertainment of these activities outweighs the mess in the end. But I have a hard time enjoying it knowing that by the end everything and everyone will be messy and it'll likely end with a change of clothes and/or a bath! Enter an incredibly intuitive product for babies and kiddos to help save the day and more often awake the “fun mom” inside: the Bapron.

Bapron for Toddlers - Geometric Fox
Bapron for Toddlers - Geometric Fox

Baprons were designed as “the bib for kids who hate bibs!” It is a bib/apron combination that works fantastically not just for mealtimes, but for messy playtime as well! Here are a few highlights of the awesome Bapron:

Two sizes

There is one size for toddlers that fits from 6 months - 3 years and one size for kids that fits from 3-7 years.

Awesome designs

There are a variety of colors and patterns that aren’t your typical, cheesy bib choices that your kids will love just as much as you love them.

Easy to clean

For small messes, simply rinse the Bapron in cold water and use soap if necessary, then allow it to air dry. For larger, deeper messes, stick these in the washing machine with your regular laundry and let it tumble dry on low or medium heat.

Bapron for Toddlers - Dino Days
Bapron for Toddlers - Dino Days

Waterproof AND stain resistant

These are incredibly durable thanks to the eco-friendly polyester that has been treated and finished to be waterproof and highly stain resistant!


A lot of little ones don’t appreciate wearing bibs because of the tightness and/or uncomfortableness of the fastenings around the neck. The folks at BapronBaby realized this and made a fantastic solution: the Bapron slides up over the arms and onto the shoulders and then ties in the back, not at the neck!

Stays on

Because of the nature of how this goes on, it becomes very difficult for a toddler to pull this off mid-meal. A grown up will likely need to assist to get it off, and therefore it can stay on until after it is needed.
Bapron for Children - 3-7 Years - Geometric Bear
Bapron for Children - 3-7 Years - Geometric Bear

Large coverage

This is especially true for the smaller batch of toddlers who wear these. The Bapron could easily cover laps and even legs! Then, as the babe grows, it’ll still remain fairly long--long enough to catch items instead of having food or art supplies dirty a toddler’s pants!

So you can probably see that these Baprons are pretty legit and have some awesome features that will not only make mealtimes less messy, but will make crafts a whole lot less daunting in the mess department. If you've noticed your "crafty mom" moments are far and few between like mine have become, maybe a Bapron could help you out and up your fun status a tad! ;)
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