Bassinet, Sleep Lounger, or Crib: Which To Use From Day One?

Bassinet, Sleep Lounger, or Crib: Which To Use From Day One?

Let's get one thing out of the way right now--there isn't really one perfect answer here. As with a lot of things that have to do with raising a child, this is a personal opinion for the most part. But, this is a question we get asked often. Are you wondering the same thing?  Since there isn't one perfect answer, we will go through some pros and cons to help you work out the decision for yourself!

Rylee and Cru Crib Sheet - Baby Cubby

Rylee and Cru Crib Sheet

The AAP suggests that babies and parents share a room for at least the first six months because studies show that room sharing decreases the chance of SIDS by 50%. There are also studies out there that suggest room sharing with mom and baby causes the baby to sleep worse because they can smell mom's milk. As if these two contradictions weren't enough confusion, there are also the continued debates about whether or not co-sleeping in the bed-sharing sense is safe. We aren't going to get into any of that here, but there is plenty of reliable information on the internet to read if you want to look further into any of these points! I only bring up those points because each of these different sleeping arrangements matches up with one or more of the above-mentioned issues and sleeping arrangements!

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet - Baby Cubby

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet


Ideal for the sharing-a-room-but-not-co-sleeping situation. It is smaller than a crib, easier to move because of the size, and offers a smaller, more "cozy" place for your tiniest babes to sleep. There are a few bassinets on the market designed to be completely portable, such as the Chicco Lullago. The legs come off and everything folds down to fit in its own carry case. Now you can travel with baby's familiar sleeping space! Another true bassinet option we love is the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper. This thing is just about as convenient as you can get for mid-night feedings. The swivel allows you to get access to your baby without even leaning over the side of the bed! I don't know from experience, but I have been told this is incredible for mamas recovering from a c-section!

Many playards including the 4moms Breeze and the Nuna Sena offer a bassinet attachment that brings the mattress higher than usual within the playard itself. This is a great option if you are wanting a bassinet, but want to spend money on something to use past the first few months!

DockATot Deluxe Plus Dock - Baby Cubby

DockATot Deluxe Plus Dock

Sleep Lounger - DockATot

If you have even remotely been around the parenting world in the last few years, you have likely seen the DockATot. This baby gear item exploded in popularity and quickly became something that many parents consider a must have. Quite a lot of science went into designing this product, and it has undergone and passed a whole ton of safety tests.

The materials the DockATot is made with were engineered to allow 12 liters of air through them per minute--this is the rate at which your baby breathes. This is so important because having fresh air is extremely important in SIDS prevention. Another reason the permeability of the materials is so important is that even if your baby were to turn over and have their face up against the side, they would still be getting the oxygen they need.

This was designed as a co-sleeping tool, but it, of course, has many other functions as well! You can use it as a daytime lounger, portable nap place, tummy time space and so much more. One thing you should be aware of is that this should never be used inside of a bassinet, crib or other smaller enclosed sleeping area. It should only be used in the middle of an adult-sized firm mattress or on the floor. So, if you are looking at the DockATot as a sleeping option, consider and look into all the guidelines of its use in that form!


Little Unicorn Percale Crib Sheet - Baby Cubby
Little Unicorn Percale Crib Sheet



The old tried and true classic! Your crib can be used from day one for years to come. Especially these days, most all cribs have multiple mattress positions and can be turned into a toddler bed with or without a toddler rail. They definitely aren't a portable option, but one sturdy crib can last you through more than one child! One pro to starting right from the beginning with the crib is that your baby will only know the crib as his/her sleeping place. For some, transitioning from a smaller more "cozy" sleeping area to the bigger and more open crib can lead to a few rough nights of sleep while transitioning.

For a lot of parents, a few sleeping options are needed. Deciding exactly what to buy truly comes down to what the specific needs of your family are. I know when I had my first, deciding what I did and did not need (especially when it came to places my baby could sleep) was such a hard decision. Hopefully this gives you a little head start of your researching! While I was deciding for myself, I turned to product videos for help. If you are a video review lover, check us out here on youtube to see reviews of these products, tips, and so much more!  

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