Battle of the Travel Strollers

Battle of the Travel Strollers

It's time for a battle of the travel strollers! We highly recommend four fantastic strollers that are categorized as compact, lightweight travel strollers or “an umbrella stroller on steroids." They are the Uppababy G-Luxe, the Uppababy Minu, the Baby Jogger City Tour, and the Baby Jogger City Tour Lux.

Below, we will break down some of the most sought-after features in a stroller, give each feature a winner, and an explanation of why they won! So let's begin! Here are the categories!
  • Best fold
  • Longest life
  • Lightest weight
  • Comfort
  • Smoothest ride
  • Lowest price
  • Easiest brake
  • Overall winner

The Best Fold

The winner of this category is the Minu. There are a lot of components to this category including:
  • The ease of folding
  • Compactness and conveniences while folded
  • The steps necessary for unfolding

The Minu has the overall easiest fold. It is truly a one-handed, one-step fold and it has an automatic lock once in place to keep it put. Once folded, it measures approximately 23” tall, 20.5” wide, and 11.5” deep. Nice and compact! It also features a shoulder strap for convenient carrying and a travel bag. Unfolding this is nearly as easy as folding it. It can still be done with only one hand, just simply unfasten the lock, and with one smooth motion, it’s back up and ready to go!

UPPAbaby 2018 Minu Stroller
UPPAbaby 2018 Minu Stroller

The Longest Lifespan

The winner of this category is the G-Luxe. This is referring to the weight capacity of the stroller and the timeframe a child can safely use it. The G-Luxe has the longest lifespan in that it can accommodate a child from about three months old and until he/she weighs 55 lbs.

UPPAbaby 2018 G-Luxe Lightweight Stroller - Jordan
UPPAbaby 2018 G-Luxe Lightweight Stroller - Jordan

Lightest Weight

The winner of this category is a close enough call between two options, that both will be mentioned: The MINU and the City Tour. These two strollers weigh in at 14.5 lbs. (Minu) and 14.2 lbs. (City Tour), which is a pretty big jump compared to the other two strollers. The lightness feature is pretty important to many travelers, as it needs to be folded up and carried quite often!


The winner of this category is the City Tour Lux. This stroller has a larger seat, a great amount of padding, an adjustable footrest, a great sized canopy, and it’s a modular stroller--meaning the seat can face either direction! With the amount of time a child is likely to spend in the stroller, comfort is an important feature to consider!

Smoothest Ride

The winner of this category is the G-Luxe. All four wheels on this stroller are doubled up, so technically there are eight! They are made of hard plastic and measure 5.75” in diameter, which may not necessarily be larger than the other contenders’ wheels, but thanks to locking front wheels and all-wheel suspension it does indeed have a smooth ride. It’s important to note that these features are really great when it comes to a variety of terrains, but if an all-terrain stroller is what you’re looking for – this still isn’t the one! This is simply the smoothest ride of these 4 strollers.

Lowest Price

The winner of this category is the City Tour. The price of the City Tour is only $199. It is the lowest price by about $80 and still possesses many great features that the other strollers have.

Baby Jogger City Tour Lightweight Stroller
Baby Jogger City Tour Lightweight Stroller

Easiest Brake

The winners of this category are the Minu and the City Tour Lux. It is too difficult to compare brakes when talking about both hand brakes and foot brakes. So in an effort to make this category work, two winners were chosen: one winner from the foot brake department, and one winner from the hand brake department. The City Tour Lux is actually the only one of these four strollers with a hand brake. It features a lever to pull for locking and a button to push for unlocking. The Minu has the easiest foot brake compared to the remaining two. To lock, step down on the red, and to unlock, step on the green. This is a sandal-friendly, fool-proof, convenient stroller.

UPPAbaby 2018 Minu Stroller - Jordan
UPPAbaby 2018 Minu Stroller - Jordan

Overall Winner

The overall winner of the Battle of the Travel Strollers is the City Tour Lux! As you already know, this stroller won in the categories of comfort and easiest brake. But what isn’t mentioned above is how closely this stroller comes to winning a handful of the other categories as well! It folds up compactly and has a carrying strap and travel bag, it isn’t the highest priced in this stroller genre, it easily becomes a travel system, it can be used from 3 months old until your child is 45 pounds, and features all-wheel suspension. On the downside, it is 19.6 pounds, and definitely the heaviest of the four contending strollers. But overall, it’s truly a winning stroller.

Baby Jogger City Tour Lux

Baby Jogger City Tour Lux

Lightweight travel strollers, though often over looked, have some serious potential to be the one and only stroller you’ll ever need. Be sure to know your needs, as they aren’t the greatest option for all occasions, but they’re definitely a valid choice. If you have further questions, or want clarification on a particular stroller, call or message The Baby Cubby for more information! In the meantime, here are some great videos to further assist you in your stroller search.

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