Beautifully Modern Baby Basics With Mebie Baby

Beautifully Modern Baby Basics With Mebie Baby

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brands that make and sell baby and children's clothing. Unfortunately, a lot of those brands consist of clothing that is made of low-quality materials that just aren't made to last, which can be frustrating if you're planning on having multiple kids and hoping to save all that clothing for the future. That's why I LOVE finding brands that not only use quality fabrics, but brands that have neutral colors and patterns that aren't going to go out of style! And that's exactly why I am a BIG fan of Mebie Baby!

Mebie Baby is a small business based out of northern Utah. Audrey, the founder of the brand, just wanted affordable, beautiful and modern pieces for her baby, but struggled to find it in the current market. As a result, Mebie Baby came to be!

I am always a big supporter and lover of small businesses like this--brands created by moms for moms; brands that truly care about quality made products; brands that ensure safety in production; and brands that create neutral, modern, and timeless products that can be reused and loved for years to come.

My first purchase with Mebie Baby was during a warehouse sale last spring. At the time, I didn't realize just how many amazing products they offer. From snuggly and soft blankets perfect for late-night breastfeeds, to clothing and accessories for every occasion, they truly have ALL the baby basics you need for your littles. 

Mebie Baby Basics


The first Mebie Baby items I purchased were outfits for my daughter. And to say I was immediately impressed would be an understatement! The fabrics didn't shrink in the wash (which has been a COMMON problem for me with other brands), and the patterns and colors haven't faded the slightest bit. This keeps clothing looking fresh and new even after they've been worn and loved for months (or years!) It's also incredibly soft and stretchy, so it's built for playtime as well as naptime!

Mebie baby clothing comes in a variety of materials, such as cotton, bamboo, spandex, and organic cotton in sizes newborn through 5T. They offer both neutrals and prints in a variety of styles for both boys and girls.

Here are some of the current styles Mebie Baby offers:

  • Zipper pajamas
  • Knotted gowns
  • Two-piece matching sets (long-sleeve with pants, and short-sleeve with shorts)
  • Layette sets
  • Dresses
  • Tees
  • Hoodies 
  • Crew necks
  • Leggings
  • Joggers
  • Bloomers
  • Skirts
  • Bodysuits (long and short-sleeve)
  • Rompers
  • Overalls
  • Knit cardigans
  • Knit sweaters

Although I love ALL of the clothing Mebie Baby offers, with how soft their fabric is, it's no surprise that their sleepwear is near the top of my list of favorites. For newborns, their knotted gowns are a must for making bedtime diaper changes a breeze. They also offer regular footies and 2-piece pajamas, perfect for babies and toddlers that are on the move! I'm also loving that many of their sleepwear products come in bamboo, because who doesn't love the silky softness bamboo clothing offers?!

They also offer amazing pieces for every day wear. From their onesies and leggings, to their overalls and rompers, your kiddos are sure to stay comfortable all day long, whether it's nap or playtime. The neutral colors and prints also make them great picks for family pictures, as they're easy to match!

Mebie Baby Linen Short Overalls Camel White

Mebie Baby Linen Short Overalls Camel White

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't specifically mention their matching sets! My daughter has loved her matching set since day one! She always talks about just how soft and comfortable it is, and again, I LOVE how the prints don't fade and the fabrics don't shrink. I also love that she can separate the matching set if she wants, or she can wear the pieces together for a simple and seamless look! 


I'm a sucker for a good quilt or swaddle! So it's no surprise that one of my favorite categories to shop from any brand is blankets! Mebie Baby offers a variety of soft, trendy, and beautiful quilts, swaddles and blankets so that you can find the perfect item for your baby-whether it's for snuggling up to read bedtime stories with your toddler at night, or wrapping your newborn up for yet another nap!

Here are some blankets Mebie Baby currently sells:

While I love almost any blanket, my kids favor their Muslin Quilts above all else! The Mebie Baby Muslin Quilts are made of four layers of the softest cotton muslin and measure out to be a generous 47 x 47 inches. They're the perfect size for babies, toddlers, and even young school-aged children.

Their muslin quilts come in a wide range of beautiful prints, making for great nursery décor or accent pieces in any bedroom. But their functionality is what I love the most! Cotton muslin quilts multi-layer airy fabrics make them into the perfect 24/7 blanket, as they offer temperature regulating properties that keep you warm when it's cold out, and even cool when its warm out! (Which is a huge plus if you're like me and NEED to be wrapped up in a blanket even in the summertime.)

Mebie Baby Vintage Floral Quilt

Mebie Baby Muslin Quilt Vintage Floral

Another fan favorite is their Muslin Swaddle! Mebie Baby's Muslin Swaddles are 47 x 47 inches (just like their quilts), giving you plenty of fabric to get the perfect wrap for your newborn! But what I love about muslin swaddles is they can be used for so much more than a swaddle! Throw them around you when nursing in public for added privacy, toss them in the car or stroller to keep your little one cozy, or even use them as a burp cloth or a changing mat when you just need something quick.

You can also get many years of use out of muslin swaddles. My daughter was obsessed with her swaddle blanket well into toddlerhood. Not only did it serve as a lovey for her, but it was the perfect blanket for those summer months!

Nursery Bedding

While clothing and blankets are my favorite categories from Mebie Baby, you definitely cannot go wrong with their nursery bedding! Other than the vast array of blanket styles they offer for your baby's nursery, they also offer matching crib sheets and changing pad covers. Not only are they made of the same soft fabrics that their other products are made of, but the patterns and colors they offer allow you to add a little more color and design to your nursery!

You can currently get the following products from their nursery line!

Mebie Baby Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet Desert Sage

Mebie Baby Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet Desert Sage


And last but certainly not least, their accessories! Not only are Mebie Baby's accessories adorable, but they all serve a purpose as well--from their thick, warm beanies for keeping tiny heads and ears warm in the single-digit weather, to their bibs and burp cloths for keeping slobber and spit up off their (and your) clothing.

Here are all of Mebie Baby's awesome accessories!

I personally LOVE their Knot Hats and Head Wraps. They match the knotted gowns, sleepers, swaddles and quilts perfectly, allowing you to create the perfect ensemble for taking newborn photos or birth announcement pics at the hospital! 

Mebie Baby Newborn Knot Hat Rust Stripe

Mebie Baby Newborn Knot Hat Rust Stripe

We LOVE Mebie Baby in our home. Not only do my kids feel comfortable in the clothing, but I love that I can feel confident that what I buy is going to last and be loved for years to come!

You can pick up all your Mebie Baby baby basics in store or online at! And keep an eye out for frequent new arrivals and restocks that are coming in the near future!

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