Belly Bandits and Babes

Belly Bandits and Babes

When I was a first-time mama, I became swept up in all the tiny and cute goodies for baby, and totally neglected products for myself that would've been real lifesavers!

Trust me, it is so worth investing in products that make pregnancy and postpartum a little easier on you. Belly Bandit offers a wide array of products that address various issues and can help the healing process after delivery.

C Section and Recovery Undies

Here's something I seriously wish I would have known about after my first two c-sections!

Compression on my core was the only thing that made me feel like I wasn't going to spilt in two, and this looks like it does the job nicely! The targeted compression can help to reduce swelling and it will help support your core muscles post surgery. The material is also moisture wicking and breathable, which is fantastic, because I don't know about you, but I had some serious postpartum sweats. Just keepin' it real. These undies will also gently protect the incision site, which is so needed to allow you to heal quickly.

Upsie Belly Support Band

That belly bump sure is cute, but it can sure be uncomfortable! The Upsie Belly Support Band helps alleviate your aching back by redistributing the weight of your belly and give you a little more stability throughout your pregnancy. It also features a handy back pocket that is meant for hot or cold packs to further ease your pain. My current self wishes my past self would've had this to take the strain off my poor hips! Don't be like my silly past self.

Mother Tucker Leggings

These leggings mean business. Muffinology® Technology helps keep everything securely tucked after delivery. Jeans seemed like the devil after having a baby, and I basically only wore leggings for a loooong time. This pair is worth the investment!

Be gracious to your body and remember that it is going through the most amazing transformation! If you need permission, I'm here to tell you it's okay to spoil yourself with products that help you find some relief both during pregnancy and after. And here's a pro tip! A lot of products from Belly Bandit can be reimbursed by your insurance or purchased with an FSA or HSA card. Check out for more information!

You can shop these awesome products and more from Belly Bandit in store or online at

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