Best of the Best Chairs

Best of the Best Chairs

Yay, you're having a baby! Now it's time to buy the baby things.

So. Many. Baby things! How do you know what's a worthy investment?

When we had our first baby, we purchased a used chair for around $20. It was little, cheap, and teal. I loved that chair because of the countless hours I spent rocking my sweet baby in it. I also disliked that chair because of the countless hours I spent rocking my sweet baby in it.

I didn't realize exactly how much time I would be spending in my tiny teal recliner. Hours of nursing. Falling asleep in it after hours of nursing. Don't get me wrong, it got the job done, but when it was time for baby number two, my husband and I agreed that a bigger and better rocker would be a worth the money.

After a lot of shopping and testing, we settled on the Logan from Best Chairs.


Here's what I love most about my personal glider. The Logan features wings on both sides, which equals the perfect little nook to rest my tired head. The cushions are just firm enough, providing adequate support to my back. It also has an extremely smooth recline that doesn't disrupt my sleeping baby.

I chose a "performance fabric", which essentially repels any liquid that it comes in contact with i.e. large amounts of spit up and spilled sippy cups. It cleans up like a dream!

Performance Fabric
Performance Fabric

It is in a gorgeous dove gray color which can easily transition to any room after it has served its purpose in the nursery.

Best Chairs truly has a chair style that will cater to anyone's taste: swivel, rocker, powered, recliner, you name it! They also offer a wide (and I do mean wide) range of fabric options. We're talking over 700 fabrics, leathers and performance covers that fit any style or lifestyle. They are also made right here in America by highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in the details. This furniture is truly built to last!

Best Chairs are available to order online for in-store pick up only. You can also check out swatches and test out our floor models in store to make sure you love your Best Chair as much as I love mine!

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