Binxy Baby Hammock

Binxy Baby Hammock

Let me lay down some truth for you mamas out there: It is nearly impossible (not to mention a huge pain in the bum) to grocery shop when you have an infant in their car seat taking up the entire basket.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart HammockOh, and if you're one of those fun moms who has a baby in the basket and one in the cart seat, you may as well plan on getting a pack of gum, because that's all you're going to be fitting in your cart.

So how on earth are you supposed to get any shopping done when you have little ones taking up all your grocery real estate? Especially when you have a babe who isn't able to sit up on her own yet? You can tough it out and practice your tetris skills by shoving things around your children, but chances are you're going to get frustrated and end up with smooshed bread. Ugh.

Doesn't sound appealing, does it? Yeah, it's really not, mama.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart HammockLooking for a solution? The Binxy Baby Cart Hammock is going to improve your shopping quality of life, mama! The Binxy Baby hammock is a super convenient way to shop with your little one(s) without losing all of your cart space at the same time!

It's designed to fit in most standard size shopping carts, and can hold babes up to 50 lbs! It's super supportive and comfortable for your little, and has both a harness for when your babe is lounging in the hammock, or a buckle to use if you decide to set your whole carseat in. Our sweet Cubby Mama Michelle and her littles put together a video to give you a better idea of how quick it is to install and the different ways you can place baby in there!


Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

The Binxy Baby comes in four adorable colors, so you can decide to go gender style with full bloom or indigo dream for your little girls and boys, or stick to neutrals like black and triangles so you can use this for future babes. It rolls up nice and thin, so it's super easy to take with you in a diaper bag or keep in your car for whenever you need to run some last-minute errands.

No matter which Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock you choose, it's impossible to deny how much you will absolutely love it! It's so simple and quick to connect to the cart, baby fits in there nice and snug, and your shopping trips are now 100% easier!

Forget the stress of shoving groceries in the cart with the bulky car seat and handsy 3-year-old, and treat yourself to the Binxy Baby where you'll have plenty of space to fill your cart! Happy shopping, mamas! XO

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