BOB Revolution vs. Bumbleride Speed

BOB Revolution vs. Bumbleride Speed

Strollers range from large to small, heavy to light, and come in a range of colors. Of course, you want to do your research so you can get the perfect stroller for your lifestyle and needs. To that end, The Baby Cubby offers helpful product comparisons to keep you informed. Today we'll be talking about the Bumbleride Speed.

Meet the Bumbleride Speed

Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller


Bumbleride's story is a unique one. With all-terrain strollers that complement an active lifestyle and have low impact manufacturing, this company is perfect for those who care about health--both physical and environmental.

The Bumbleride Speed has some new features that its predecessor (The Indie) does not, including a larger weight capacity of 65 lbs. The Speed's jog setting has up to a 30 degree tire lock, and comes with the new Bumbleride bell. A larger rear tire also allows for optimal shock absorption and durability.

The Speed is compatible with several car seat adapters, and comes with the following accessories:

  • a tire pump
  • a bumper bar
  • a wrist strap
  • a Bumbleride bell

With these new developments in the Speed, going for a neighborhood jog or trail run has never been easier. The Baby Cubby is happy to offer the Speed in matte black, silver black, maritime blue, dawn grey, and camp green.

How the BOB Revolution Compares

To get you parents up to speed on how this new stroller compares with other strollers, we'll look at some related aspects of the BOB Revolution below:

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller


BOB Revolution can hold its own, even against great new models like the Speed. The Revolution single holds up to 10 lbs more than the Speed.

Although the Revolution offers a wide range of compatible features, it doesn't fit with quite as many car seat brands. There's also less space in the foot storage basket, and fewer color options available (The Baby Cubby carries black and lagoon colors only).

The Bottom Line on the Bumbleride Speed versus the BOB Revolution

If you're looking for a speedy jogging stroller even at the infant stage, Bumbleride Speed wins out with extra padding and fit for smaller children and babies. For those seeking something for their taller toddlers, the BOB Revolution is the best choice with plenty of space and weight capacity.

That's all for today, folks. Joggers, enjoy!

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