Boon Ties: For Wearers Big and Small

Boon Ties: For Wearers Big and Small

As a company founded by one family's dreams and hard work, The Baby Cubby seeks to return the favor and support other families who have worked hard to grow businesses from the ground up.

Boon Ties began in 2007 when its founder, Rachel Smith, began making ties for her own sons. The small start-up has now grown into a booming business and creates accessories for men, boys, and babes.

Each tie and bow is crafted with quality and designed for even the roughest wearers. Not only that, but their fabric choices are top-notch, with a wide selection from florals to solids, and stripes.

Each tie is inscribed with Boon Ties' motto: "Look Good + Do Good." They believe that when you look and feel your best, you can conquer the world with confidence.

With ties and bows offered in the same patterns, fathers can match with both their sons and daughter, which is one of my favorite qualities about Boon Ties. I love coordinating my girls' bows with their daddy's tie, especially for special occasions such as a wedding or Father's Day.

Boon Ties are described as having a "modern width" making them not too fat and not too skinny, measuring at 2.5". The Lemongrass Floral Tie is a favorite that steals the spotlight with its trendy muted citron color. It's perfect for shifting into the cooler fall months.

Floral ties are stylish and here to stay. I adore the Sundance Floral Boys' Tie. The colors are unique and again, perfectly suited for transitioning from summer to fall.

Boon Ties also offers a variety of hair bow clips for your little girls. Unlike some bows with clips that are glued to the bow, Boon Tie bows have a removable and reversible clip so you can choose what direction to use the bow and has teeth to hold onto fine hair.

Boon Ties has accessories for every occasion and style! They have quickly become a customer favorite!

You can shop these favorites and more from Boon Ties in store or online at

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