Video: Breakfast Time with Re-Play

Video: Breakfast Time with Re-Play

Today we are featuring the much-loved and incredibly durable Re-Play brand. They make some of our favorite children's dishes and utensils!

Re-Play prides themselves on carrying products that are affordable, durable, and sustainable. As a result, their amazing products are made from BPA-free and FDA-approved recycled milk jugs! So the only thing your children will have to worry about is which vibrant color of the rainbow they want to use at mealtimes.

Sometimes, your kids just need all their food to stay away from each other, so we recommend the divided plate! They have dividers so that your little people can keep foods separated, the deep walls of the plate are great for little eaters learning to scoop, and the division also helps with portion control. Re-Play also has a larger divided tray option, as well as just regular old flat plates.

The small utensil sets are great for little hands that are just starting to learn. The plastic materials keep them lightweight and grip-able! As a parent, you will love avoiding messes with the no-spill cups! They have tight sippy-cup lids with special valves inside to keep drinks inside your child's cup instead of all over the floor. Once your child has graduated to "big kid" status, feel free to purchase the lid-less 10oz drinking cups.

The best part? Re-Play products are microwave and dishwasher safe. That being said, they do suggest cleaning the silicone No-Spill valves and Soft Spouts by hand, using anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

I am a witness to how easy and convenient these dishes are with two little toddlers. Take a peek in at our video below to see Re-Play in action at breakfast time!

With the combination of their bright selection of colors and the environmental contentiousness using recycled materials, the Re-Play brand should be a staple in any household!

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