Britax B-Agile v. Baby Jogger City Mini

Britax B-Agile v. Baby Jogger City Mini

When it comes to baby products, easily the most overwhelming item for me to shop for and compare quality, prices, and overall style is a stroller! There are SO many choices out there and it’s tricky to know if I’m getting the most bang for my buck when trying to make my decision. Please tell me I’m not alone in this? Assuming I’m not the only person who stresses when it comes to stroller browsing, I’ve put together a pretty in-depth comparison of two popular strollers that I believe to be very helpful and beneficial in the stroller selecting process.

Britax B-Agile 3


Baby Jogger City Mini Single

Britax B-Agile 3

Baby Jogger City Mini Single - 2016 Black/Gray

Both of these strollers feature one-handed folding technology, they each have large adjustable canopies with windows to see in, both seats can recline all the way back, and both have plenty of storage space down below!                            

Both are relatively lightweight and have a long lifespan! B-Agile weighs 16.5 pounds and can hold a child until he/she is 55 pounds. Similarly, the City Mini weighs 17.6 pounds and has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. Neither stroller is intended for jogging, but each insures a smooth ride thanks to front wheel swivel and front wheel suspension. From what I can tell of the two, both are compact enough for on-the-go but complex enough for distance and stamina. Perfect for everyday use.

When it comes to newborns, either of these are a great fit. Because of the 5-point harness system in either, as well as the seats that lay down, a newborn can easily be laid in these strollers. As for car seat adapters, both have that option as well. The B-Agile comes with an adapter for the Britax Chaperone and Britax B-Safe seats, and adapters for different types of car seats can be purchased separately. The City Mini does not come with any type of car seat adapter, but allow adapters bought separately to accommodate for plenty of other car seat options.

A few features that the B-Agile has that the City Mini does not:

  • A zippered pocket on the back of the seat
  • An easily adjusted head pad
  • A smaller size both folded and unfolded

At this point, when it comes to looks and style, my favorite is the City Mini; it comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors!  

City Mini Crimson/Gray

City Mini Sand/Stone

City Mini Teal/Gray

City Mini Steel/Gray

City Mini Purple/Gray

But if we are going with functionality and what is included with the stroller, I'd have to pick the B-Agile.

I hope this was helpful, but of course in the end, it’s still all going to come down to personal tastes, family needs, and budget! Which reminds me: the B-Agile is regularly priced $269.99 (currently available for $216.00) and the City Mini is $259.99. Good luck in the stroller hunting process, it’s not necessarily an easy one, but chances are you’ll be happy with what you end up with! I think it’s safe to say either of these two strollers would be a great pick! 

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Thanks for the review! It would be helpful to know if you had used or tried out either of the strollers. On paper I also like the B-Agile better, but the City Mini was more comfortable to push and seemed much smoother.


We have used the strollers :) Did you have a specific question about one or the other? The City Mini is definitely a smoother ride than the B-Agile and I would argue a sturdier stroller. However, the B-Agile is a great first-time stroller if you want something economical that will get you around.

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