Britax Clicktight Marathon v. Clicktight Boulevard v. Clicktight Advocate

Britax Clicktight Marathon v. Clicktight Boulevard v. Clicktight Advocate

There's a reason why the words "Britax" and "5 stars" go together like babies and sticky fingers---because they're fantastic. Not the sticky fingers, but I think you're following. The hardest part about buying one of these beauties is choosing between all the incredible options. So today, we're gonna help you decide which convertible carseat is the perfect fit for your little sweetie.

Behind Door Number 1: Britax Clicktight Marathon

The cheapest and lightest of the three options, coming in just under $300 ($272 on sale) and barely less than 30 lbs (28.5 to be exact), the Marathon is going to check all your boxes in the safety and efficiency columns. It's got a sleek, steel frame that will reduce carseat movement and SafeCell Impact Absorbing Tethers and Harness that reduce forward movement for your babe in the event of a crash.

Install is as easy as buckle, click and go. It has a handy little level on the side that helps you get the correct recline, and makes sure your little one is more secure than just the belt or the LATCH system in other seats. This seat also comes in Cowmooflage and Vibe. Also, it's available for special order in: Prescott, Rio, Twilight, and Verve so you're never going to feel like this seat doesn't fit your babe's style!  


Door Number 2: Britax Clicktight Boulevard

It's the middle of the road for price and weight ($304 on sale, 29 lbs) but doesn't give up a thing for style and safety. A slight upgrade from the Marathon, you'll be getting the added comfort of Hugs with SafeCell Technology. Doesn't sound sweet enough for you? Well the Click & Safe Snug Harness is pretty much the most important hug your babe will get when it comes to car seats. It protects their vulnerable head and neck by keeping the harness clip in place in the event of a crash.

Like the other two contenders, you're going to have comfy plush padding, a removable (and machine washable) seat cover, and the quick adjust means you won't dread when your little one needs to move up a size. Unlike with shoes--- because buying new shoes for a toddler is just about the worst thing ever.

You'll be pleased that there are still a few color options to choose from, though definitely less that the Marathon: Circa and Metro. It is also available for special order in: Kaleidoscope and Splash. 


Last but not least, Door Number 3: Britax Clicktight Advocate

The most expensive and hefty of the three babes, but arguably the one most loaded down with safety features, will cost you $352.  It's a little over 30 lbs, so I wouldn't recommend moving this one in and out of the car, if you can avoid it. You'll be getting all the safety and convenience features available in both the Marathon and Boulevard, with an upgrade in protection for your little co-pilot.

With the extra weight comes the SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection MAX Technology (anyone else feel winded?) that cushions your kid, and reduces the crash impact by up to 45%. This hefty, little seat is going to make you feel safe just looking at it, and babe won't complain about the extra support in the headrest to keep his head and neck in place the whole drive.

Like all three options, you'll have the option for rear facing up to 40 lbs and forward facing up to 65 lbs which means you'll get used to loving this seat with every click.

You will, however, only get a few design options for this safe little number: Circa and Tahoe. It's available for special order in: Limelight. 


You can't go wrong with any of these three choices, so pick one, strap that cutie in, and enjoy the ride!


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