Brooke's Favorite Things

Brooke's Favorite Things

Hi mamas! This is such a fun post, because I get to write all about myself and why I LOVE being a part of this mama community! 

I'm Brooke Allington, and my little fam lives in Orange County, CA. I'm a Proud SAHM to the two sweetest, most beautiful kids on the planet, Hudson (4) and Sienna (18 months). I'm an admitted Coca-cola addict, I watch way too much Food Network, and I have no qualms getting my kids a Happy Meal every now and then. I've been contributing to the Cubby Blog since the beginning of 2016 and love writing about anything that helps a mama get through her day. I love that I get to spend my nights writing blogs and researching baby products and info for other mamas, and I especially love posts that help parents with questions that they have late at night that they remember they wanted to find an answer to, or anything that will help you to remember how great the work is that you're doing!

Since having babes, there are a couple things that I've decided are some of my must-have baby products that I am sure any mama would love! Some are for when they're tiny, and some you can use as soon as they're born and until they're a big kid!

Brooke's Favorite Things:

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat

Starting off this list with my most favorite brand of car seat, Maxi Cosi. These convertible seats are everything to me. I swear that installing this seat into my car is just life giving. It's so easy to get right, the fabrics are super soft, and the safety ratings are amazing. Plus, you can take the fabric from the seat and throw it in the wash in one piece and it just makes messy, barfy, sticky kids so much more manageable. I have them for both my kids and can't recommend them enough.

Bamboobies Nursing Pads

This is a MUST-HAVE. I mean like, if you are nursing, you need these. NEED. When I started my breastfeeding journey with my first, I hated it with the burning fire of a thousand suns. It probably had something to do with the cracked and bleeding nipples. The disposable nursing pads that I used to soak up the leakage made my life so miserable. Then these little cotton, circles of joy came into my life and I never looked back. They soak up so much more than the disposable pads and feel amazing on the girls. They also have ones for overnight, and ones you can pop in the freezer for some extra love.

Little Unicorn Single Bamboo Deluxe Muslin Swaddle

Along with probably every other mama on the planet, I'm a sucker for a cute swaddle blanket, and the ones that I Iove with my entire heart and soul are the Little Unicorn ones. They have the perfect amount of stretch, the cutest patterns ever, and they get softer the longer you have them. I used them for swaddling, covering up the car seat, and as a cover-up while nursing. They are simply the best!

Happy Baby Wrap

If you're looking to keep your hands free and keep your babe close, then you will love this wrap! I used it with my daughter, and wish I had one for my son. It made baby carrying such a joy, and once you get the wrap down, it is so comfortable and so quick. It's lightweight enough that I could walk around Disneyland without feeling like we were both dying of heat stroke, but keeps babe supported and comfortable.

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

I had to throw this little gem in there considering I have used it about a hundred times this past week. When you have sick kids and you can just hear the phlegm in their throats and nose, you simply have to do something to get rid of it. So you suck it out. Yep. You stick the end up their nose, have your husband hold them still if need be, and you suck out their snot from the other end of the hose. In the most disgustingly satisfying way, you see the tube fill up with their snot and it seriously works like a dream. This thing saves us during cold and flu season!

If you liked reading up on my fave things, and learning a little bit about me, then check out Jamie's post from earlier this month, and stay tuned for more favorite things from our Cubby Writers!

I love both my jobs-- staying home to care for my babes, and getting to share my advice, opinions, and product reviews with you guys through the blog. It is a joy to be part of a community that focuses on being honest and real about our struggles, and doing our best to lift each other up and help out when needed!

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