Bump Update: Week 30

Bump Update: Week 30

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By now, you are a few weeks into your third trimester, which is a pretty big deal! From here on out, baby's body is developing at lightening speed as he prepares to be born. Your body is also preparing for birth in some interesting ways! Week 30 is the perfect time to start making preparations for baby's arrival while you still have the energy and mobility to do so!

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Here's the deal mama, now that you're beginning to feel like a beached whale, your body recognizes that baby's eviction date is near. Your body is releasing hormones that cause your pelvic muscles to relax, making it easier for you to deliver your baby. Unfortunately, those same hormones are also causing the lower esophageal sphincter (the muscle separating your esophagus and stomach) to relax. The result? Heartburn. Digestive juices can head north creating an uncomfortable burn in your throat and chest. You may find that certain foods or large portion sizes set off your heart burn. If the heartburn becomes unbearable, talk to your provider. He or she may be able to prescribe something or suggest an over-the-counter heartburn relief. Another helpful tip to fight against heartburn is to nap or sleep in an inclined position. Prop up a few pillows to lay on if you feel a twinge of fire in your bosom! This can also be of use if you feel short of breath while you're laying down.  

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Don't worry, that beached whale feeling isn't for nothing! That sweet baby in your belly has grown to almost three pounds by now. For the next seven weeks, he will be gaining about a half a pound a week in preparation for birth! Baby's brain is also growing a lot this week. Up until this point, his brain has been smooth. Now his brain is developing those important grooves that allow an increase in brain tissue.

Your baby's brain and fat cells are officially regulating his temperature, which means there is no need for his fur (otherwise known as the lanugo) anymore! You may, however, notice his back and shoulders still have traces of lanugo after he's born.

This week, another amazing development is your baby's ability to create red blood cells without the help of body tissues or the spleen. Now, your baby is creating red blood cells with his bone marrow! This is an incredible development because it is needed in order to survive and thrive once he's born! At 30 weeks, your baby is making amazing strides in order to survive outside the womb. These next 10 weeks will be important ones as your baby prepares to live on his own.  

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If you haven't had the chance to celebrate your bundle of joy, now is the time to do so! Have a baby shower or simply have a girls day! At this point in your pregnancy, you are still able to move around, so it is important to do some fun stuff while you're up for it! Plan a day to celebrate and enjoy every moment, mama!

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