Bump Update: Week 31

Bump Update: Week 31

You're getting close, mama! This week you're probably feeling like you can't take in a full breath, or like you're running a marathon when all you're doing is getting up from your bed. Your babe, meanwhile, is absolutely full of energy! He's pedaling his little legs and spreading out. His senses are also becoming more developed in preparation for delivery.

Take a deep breath... Oh wait. That's impossible. You can thank your uterus for that out-of-breath feeling. It's now sitting about four inches above your belly button, and all your other organs are just doing their best to accommodate their growing neighbor. Your baby, of course, has plenty of room and he isn't worried about a thing in his cozy home. Try your best not to get too down on yourself. You can even practice some breathing techniques to make sure you're not feeling like you're suffocating all of the time. Also, try to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day to avoid feeling like all your food is stuck in your throat. If your stomach gets too full too fast, then you can find yourself making a quick trip to the bathroom. Yikes.  

This week your babe is weighing in a little over 3 pounds, and is a foot-and-a-half long: the size of a leek! You'll find yourself getting worried that babe isn't moving around as much as she was a couple of weeks ago, but her kicks and rolls are definitely more powerful now. Her feet will normally kick in (heh) when you finally lie down for the night, which can help to explain why most newborns have a funky sleep schedule once they're born. You'll also feel little rapid thumps that you can probably attribute to your baby's hiccups. Baby may be sucking her thumb. Your babe is also developing her five senses thanks to the brain making connections at warp speed! While they aren't being put to much use right now, they're gaining the ability to breathe, smell, see, hear, touch, and taste. Her taste and sound perceptions have been pretty good for a few weeks, but her sight is getting better (they're able to perceive differences in light and dark), and they'll be ready to take that first smell of mama once they're born!  

Take it easy, mama! Your body is taking a lot of strain, so do yourself a few favors and rest when you can, and even consider getting a prenatal massage while you have the time!

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