Bump Update: Week 35

Bump Update: Week 35

This week you probably feel like you have pretty much reached your limit. Baby will continue to put on weight for the next few weeks before you deliver. Her skull is also very soft, which will help her during your labor, so don't be too worried about head shape once they appear (probably won't be pretty, mama). You, of course, are feeling like you've had just about enough of this weight pushing down on your bladder. You're more than likely going to experience frequent constant urination, and may feel like you can't even control what's happening down there. Incontinence is very common at this stage, so if you haven't already, get working on your kegels!

Is it possible that you still have a month to go before this babe makes an appearance? We know, mamas! You're feeling the pressure...on your bladder that is. As if you haven't been constantly in and out of the bathroom since getting pregnant, you'll now feel like you live in there. You may also feel like it's downright impossible to get to the bathroom fast enough, and you may even have a few accidents. *sigh* Just remember that you're SO not alone. Urinary incontinence is a definite reality for lots of pregnant mamas at this stage, and can be helped if you work on strengthening your pelvic muscles through kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are not only going to help you right now during pregnancy, but will be absolute lifesavers post-delivery. If you spend 10 minutes everyday to work on those muscles, you (and your panties) will not be sorry! You'll also become very familiar with your OBGYN office, because you're headed there every week or two. Your doctor will be measuring your uterus at each appointment to make sure that you're measuring on track each week, and this week will conveniently be 35 centimeters.  

This week, your babe is measuring around 18 inches, and weighs over 5 pounds- the size of a honeydew melon! Now that your babe's body is preparing for delivery, his body fat percentage has increased to about 15%, and will actually get up to 30% once he reaches full term. This only means there's more little chubs to love once he is finally in your arms! While your baby's vital organs are nearly all formed, the brain is still working overtime (and will pretty much do this until age 3). The brain is being protected by a soft skull, made up of several small plates that allow the baby to move safely through the birth canal. This means that babe's head may look a little wonky post-delivery, but have faith that things will round out nicely! Your babe's skull plates will fuse throughout their infant months, so expect a sweet, soft, peach-fuzzy noggin for a while.  

Take a tour of your hospital maternity ward to get comfortable with the process of intake.

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