Bump Update: Week 39

Bump Update: Week 39

Your babe is full term this week; as if you needed any reminder that your baby is weighing you down in a real way. At this point, you are probably experiencing more pelvic discomfort as your child has most likely dropped in expectation of her big arrival! You may also be experiencing some signs of labor such as Braxton Hicks contractions. Your baby is now ready for her birthday! You can expect a babe without tears when you hear her first cries and white, flaky skin, regardless of her actual skin color.

With your baby bearing down and preparing for delivery, your pelvis is definitely achier than before. You may be feeling cramps or even experience Braxton Hicks contractions which can often feel horribly similar to the type of contractions you'll have during labor. Do  your best to rest when you're feeling uncomfortable, but do try to stay active between bouts of pain. The more you move, the easier it'll be for you during labor and could actually help spur labor (if you're one of those mamas who would do just about anything to get your baby out NOW). Some other signs of labor may be occurring this week, like the "bloody show", losing your mucus plug, or your water breaking. If your water breaks, you'll want to head into the hospital within 24 hours (or sooner if you're experiencing consistent contractions), but the bloody show could happen up to a week before you deliver.  

This week your babe is full term, on average between 7-8 pounds and around 20 inches- the same size as a mini watermelon! Your baby's development is complete, but of course, that little brain is still working hard on making those crucial connections that will continue throughout his first few years. Keep in mind that when your baby makes his appearance, he won't have tears yet. But sorry mama, that won't keep him from crying! Those tears will start working around month 1 or 2, but you'll probably cry when you see him for the first time. Your baby will probably not look like what you envisioned directly after delivery either. Regardless of how dark skinned your babe will be, most all babies are born with white skin, because pigmentation will occur a few days after they are born. Also, almost all babies are born with grayish colored eyes. Some can take up to a year (normally around 6 months) to settle on a color. No matter what, you're going to find it nearly impossible to put that sweet little bundle down for more than a couple of seconds once you see that little face!  

Try to stay active. The more you move and get out, the better you will feel and time will go by faster.

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