Bump Update: Week 9

Bump Update: Week 9

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Nine weeks in and you've hopefully had some time to absorb the new knowledge that you're pregnant. It might feel like you have a long way to go, but miraculously, baby is already advanced in its basic physiological development.

A lot has happened by nine weeks, and you may start to notice some serious pregnancy symptoms by now.

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Although you might not look pregnant yet, by now, most women start to feel pregnant. What does this mean? Simply that your pants might not fit and you're experiencing obvious symptoms, such as:

  • bloating
  • gas
  • frequent urination (due to an increase of blood and liquid in your body)
  • morning sickness or nausea throughout the day and night
  • fatigue
  • mood swings

The above list isn't an ideal way to celebrate your first few months of pregnancy, but know that many of these symptoms lessen by the second trimester, which is only a little over a month away. Give yourself a break with the mood swings, as they should lessen after about ten weeks for most women.

You're right in the thick of early pregnancy, so treat yourself to plenty of sleep and nutrient-dense foods. At the same time, give yourself some well-deserved credit and take a look at all your body has accomplished in just nine short weeks.

Rather than being just a round blob of cells, your baby now has all of its basic body parts fully formed, including:

  • eyes
  • limbs
  • external sex organs (still too small to see in an ultrasound)
  • ears and earlobes
  • nose
  • mouth

Although these body parts are fully formed, they'll continue to move more into their proper places in the coming weeks. As for your baby's organs, the heart becomes completely formed with 4 chambers and the beginnings of valves. Baby's nerves, muscles, and organs are still forming, but the most basic stage of development is complete, and your baby actually starts to look human (at least, the embryonic tail is gone at this point).

By now, the placenta has developed enough to begin producing hormones, which is one reason why most women experience the most nausea around this stage of pregnancy. Coolest of all, your baby's teeth buds have even begun to form inside their little gums!     

If you're struggling with nausea, there are countless remedies you've probably heard about already. For me, the best help was to talk to a friend who has gone through the same thing; this way, you know you're not alone. In addition, stick with foods that calm your stomach such as ginger candies, popsicles, and fresh crunchy vegetables. This too shall pass!   

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