Can My Baby Watch Fireworks?

Can My Baby Watch Fireworks?

The week of July 4th is a week that many of us look forward to all year long. But not everybody loves this hot, popping, and loud holiday. It’s a tricky holiday for parents with young children! Sleep schedules are all over the place--whether from multiple late nights celebrating or from multiple long nights trying to sleep while others celebrate! It’s a lot of work for Mom and Dad. And on top of that, there are a few safety concerns as well. Like the question:

Can my baby watch fireworks?

Yes, but use caution. Loud sounds can damage anybody’s hearing, especially the younger and more fragile they are. Using specially made earmuffs is a great idea to help keep baby comfortable and safe! You can also use a blanket or some other item to create your own earmuffs. If all else fails, periodically cover your baby’s ears with your hands when it gets extra loud.

Yes, but use caution. Some babies are really skeptical of fireworks. It makes sense though, likely this is their first time seeing such things. Either that or they definitely don’t remember them from the previous year so by default, they’re still the strangest thing they’ve ever seen. Your baby may hate it. Plain and simple. The sounds, the people, the after-hours timeframe. You get the picture. It may be a good idea to have a back-up plan or an escape plan in case things go poorly and your baby needs to leave.

Yes, but use caution. Fireworks are definitely dangerous, so it’s best to keep your distance to a reasonable range. This is especially the case for curious crawlers who may want to investigate! Be sure to keep an eye (or a hand) on your babe at all times, we all know how fast they can get to something when very determined! Pay close attention to your surroundings in general, and make sure your little space stays safe!

Yes, but use caution. It may seem like a bonding and adorable activity to have your toddler hold/light/throw the firework into the street, or help Dad with cleanup duty. But this shouldn’t ever be done! There are too many variables with fireworks as it is, that to add a kid into the mix is asking for bad news. You’re the parent here, you have the power to control situations as you see fit, so I’d strongly advise you to let the adults do the work and give the children some good and safe guidelines to follow throughout the entirety of the show.

Yes, but use caution. The majority of the time you will arrive to your destination long before the fireworks begin. As it gets darker and more people crowd into your area, be sure to watch for safety hazards for you or your kids, anything that may cause harm. Especially because by the time the fireworks are over, it'll be very dark trying to get back to your car or house!

As for you parents who don’t have neighborhood or city fireworks planned, well, good luck! Implementing a sound machine into your nursery for a week or two may not be a bad idea, or if you already use a sound machine, I suggest turning that thing up!

Try not to get too upset if your baby or toddler get woken up once or twice this week, or if sleep schedules are less than par while participating in (or listening to others participate in) these celebrations. Try your best to focus on the good and happy memories that you and your family are creating! Happy 4th of July, friends!

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Happy 4th of July!

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