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Canyon Leaf: The Teething Tamers

I once wrote about how my littlest girl gets four teeth at a time. Well, she is back at it again.  Luckily, these four molars will be the last new teeth for quite some time. She’s two now, so she can communicate much better. Once we realized those molars were coming through, we quickly whipped out all the tricks to make her feel better.

One of our favorite teething hacks has been the Canyon Leaf Raw Amber necklaces. Especially when our babies have been too little to take children’s Motrin, these necklaces have been a game-changer in helping relieve their sore mouths!

Raw Honey Amber teething necklace

Amber Teething Necklace - Raw Honey


Amber contains an acid believed to have painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties called succinic acid. When worn against skin, the body is able to absorb some of this acid, which in turn can help alleviate pain and tenderness caused by teething. These necklaces are especially perfect because they offer the most coverage of amber and are worn closest to the source of pain. 

It doesn't have to stop at teething either. Whatever is paining your little one, these amber necklaces and bracelets might just be the perfect solution for you! And if all of that wasn’t enough, these hand-made accessories are absolutely adorable.  Perfect for any little boy or girl, they make the best accessory!

Amber Teething Bracelet - Raw Ombre


We carry both necklaces and bracelets in several sizes and colors! Some of our favorites include the Amber Teething Necklace in Raw Honey and Rose Quartz or the Amber Teething Bracelet in Raw Black

Amber Teething Necklace - Raw Black


You really can't go wrong with any of the options! They are perfect whether you want to help relieve your little's pains or want to add a little flair to their outfit! Browse all the Canyon Leaf products we carry and more online or in store at The Baby Cubby!

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