Celebrate the Little Things with Ruth Jackson

Celebrate the Little Things with Ruth Jackson

Do you have anything in your life that stresses you out for no reason and you will try to avoid at all costs. Same. But don't laugh at mine-- I am terrified that I will give someone a card and it will somehow be the same as one they've already received.

I will go towns over to obscure stores to buy a birthday/baby/thank you/celebration card JUST to ensure that it is one they have never seen before and will be nearly impossible that they'll get another one like it.

So when we started stocking these adorable and unique and perfect Ruth Jackson Pencil Shaving Cards, my weirdly stressed out card heart soared! These little cards are simple and sweet, and I think they are the perfect way to celebrate all the little moments in life. I have found that just about anything in life is made better with a card attached with a quick note to say..... Anything!

Here's some of my faves that we have available online, and you can also visit us in store and get a look and choose a couple for yourself while you're picking up your other baby faves!

King of Dads

Okay, if you're trying to tell me that this isn't the most perfect, adorable, spectacular Father's Day card you've ever seen, I don't have time for your lies, mama. Let your littles color Daddy some pictures, write him a little note from mama, and slip it into his Father's Day gift bag, and dads everywhere are going to die from the sweetness. Plus the gold pencil shaving?! Come on, mamas! Too. Cute.

My Sunshine

This is the perfect card that can be sent to anyone for anything and that makes me love it so much more. You can send it to your mom to say thank you for babysitting the littles while you had a weekend away with your man, hand it over to your son's teacher, because she is quite literally the best person on the planet for dealing with him all year long, or you could send it to your bestie across the country just to let them know you're thinking about them.

Valentine Bee's Knees

So I know this says it's a Valentine's card, and it totally could given to your special someone come February, but I love this card even more because you can use it as a birthday card for your little's friend, or to congratulate a mama on her new baby, or to give to any of the new graduates in your life! Let them know they're the best in the cutest little card way possible!

Birthday Lion

I live for a cute birthday card, and I seriously get more of these than just about anything else! A birthday card is almost as important to me as the gift I'm giving it with. And don't even get me started about how cute this little lion is. I love him. Boy. Girl. Friend. Sis. Uncle. Gynecologist. I don't care, they will think this card is the best. Leave your own little note in there and let them know you're happy to know them for another year!

Even if you're not a crazy person determined to get a never-before-seen special occasion card, you will love the charm and simplicity of the Ruth Jackson Pencil Shaving Cards, and I promise they will make anyone smile when they open it up!


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