Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the NEW Limited Edition UPPAbaby VISTA V2!

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the Limited Edition JADE RABBIT UPPAbaby VISTA V2!

Over a billion people celebrate Chinese New Year each year! From the gorgeous lights and lion dances to the sweet passing of red envelopes known as hóngbāo, Spring Festival is one of the most anticipated times of the year for all who celebrate! And THIS year, UPPAbaby is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit right along with us with their limited edition JADE RABBIT design!

Jade Rabbit Vista V2

At first glance, the neutral marled white fabric offers a simplicity and modern feel we all love from UPPAbaby. But as we take a closer look, the colored accents and the timeless Suzhou embroidery transform the JADE RABBIT VISTA V2 into both a statement piece AND an ode to Chinese culture. Inspired by popular East Asian folklore, UPPAbaby's JADE RABBIT stroller tells the traditional story of the goddess Chang'e and her companion the Jade Rabbit.

In this story, the Jade Emporer, in an effort to find a selfless creature to mix the elixir of life for immortals, disguised himself as a beggar.  The other animals failed his test, but the rabbit, in it's selflessness, offered himself up in order to feed the starving beggar. The Emporer was impressed by his sacrifice, so he selected the Rabbit to fly to the moon with goddess Chang'e to mix the celestial elixir. 

The Chinese calendar relies on this same moon and its cycles. And as the new moon approaches, welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, UPPAbaby thought there couldn't be a better story to tell than that of the Jade Rabbit, as this folklore symbolizes so many things to so many people around the world.

Let's take a look at why JADE RABBIT may just be UPPAbaby's best design yet!

Jade Rabbit Vista V2 side view

Features of the Limited Edition JADE RABBIT VISTA V2

Using Suzhou embroidery, a traditional Chinese and centuries-old embroidery technique, the canopy and footrest of the stroller seat and the boot cover of the bassinet showcase the Jade Rabbit himself. This adds an elegant touch which truly transforms your stroller into a piece of art. At the same time, it reminds its users of the significance and beauty of the traditional folklore.


This same Jade Rabbit design continues on into the exclusive Year of the Rabbit blanket, included in your purchase of this limited edition VISTA V2. Not only will the cotton blanket keep your little one warm on cold days, but the jacquard design, neutral color scheme, and additional embroidery details make it a piece that everyone in the family is sure to love.

Family with Jade Rabbit UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

But the symbolism doesn't stop there! The JADE RABBIT VISTA V2 also features deep red handlebars and gold accents. When found together, red and gold often symbolize good fortune to the beholder.

During Chinese New Year, red and gold accented envelopes (hóngbāo) are passed around, offering good wishes and luck to those that receive them. As these colors are spread throughout the entire VISTA V2 design, you're sure to have luck going forward as you travel with your little one, whether those travels take you near or far.


From top to bottom, UPPAbaby couldn't have done a better job designing a product to help us ALL celebrate Chinese New Year! From the colors they selected to the gorgeous embroidery, the Jade Rabbit VISTA V2 is NOT a style you will want to pass up on, especially if you will be welcoming a brand new baby in the Year of the Rabbit!

Here at the Baby Cubby, we are devoted to offering products for ALL parents and families. So we were so proud to be one of the few retailers selected by UPPAbaby to sell this beautiful style that honors Chinese culture so well.


No matter who you are or where you come from, culture and traditions are what tie us to our families and our ancestors. As a family-owned company, we hope this collection reminds you where you come from. And with the symbolism of the Jade Rabbit, we hope you never forget those that sacrificed so much so that you could be where you are today, and of all YOU give and provide for your own babies each day.

As this beautiful video AND the JADE RABBIT collection from UPPAbaby remind us, families are why we do what we do! Families are always the reason why we celebrate, why we love, and why we give selflessly each day. 

The NEW UPPAbaby VISTA V2 in JADE RABBIT is extremely limited and will only be available while supplies last. You can shop it now at babycubby.com

We hope you love it just as much as we do!

And as the Year of the Rabbit approaches, we wish you all the luck and prosperity as you love, teach, and raise your sweet children this year!

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