Chalk Books for the Win!

Chalk Books for the Win!

You know those few must-haves that you always make sure to pack in your diaper bag? I mean, besides the obvious extra clothes, diapers, and snacks. I'm talking about those go-to items that are there to save the day for both little toddlers and big kids when you just need them to be distracted for a moment. Let me introduce you to one of mine: The Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Book

chalk book - paris
Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Book - Paris

Bring out your child's inner artist with this on-the-go chalkboard that can easily be stored in your car, diaper bag (thankfully!), or stroller. It's portable and reusable, and it folds nicely like a book that is perfectly sized for little hands. And my absolute favorite part? It's mess free! It comes with four pieces of ButterStix chalk that leave no residue! When your little one is finished drawing, you simply clean off the board with a damp cloth or wet wipe and let them start again. Sign me up for kids' entertainment that doesn't involve a mess! 


In addition to being practical and low-maintenance, these chalk books come in a variety of super adorable designs. From colorful animal prints to cute covers from your favorite impressionist painters, these books are sure to inspire your own budding artist!

Color It & Go Erasable Chalk Book - Monet

Color It & Go Erasable Chalk Book - Seurat 

These Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Books are bound to be a win-win for everyone! They'll keep your kiddos entertained (sans screens!) and help you mamas feel like superheroes for introducing your child to their new favorite activity! Check them out at The Baby Cubby!




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